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Chromatic Dragon

And it's time to go back to the beginning

Recently the first 5 years of Splinterlands have arrived, and I have decided to celebrate them by giving life to one of its first cards from the Alpha version, where everything started.

The Chromatic Dragon is one of the cards I have seen less fan arts of, except someone who printed it in a 3D figure and painted it by hand and put it on his desk, which I found amaaaazing, but besides him very few people have painted the 5-headed dragon, and as I love dragons, all the reasons to paint it came together, because as I said, I love dragons, this one has 5 heads and each one has a different design and color and of course is part of the first edition of Splinterlands cards.

I have to say that I haven't really played Splinterlands so I don't know how powerful this card is nowadays, but if you play with it tell me in the comments how many battles you have won thanks to this dragon or if you still keep it for nostalgia.

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  • Gaomon S620
  • Photoshop
  • Brushes courtesy of Imad Awan: Download here


-Step 1:

This dragon by its five heads already looks very aggressive and powerful, so to differentiate a little from the original design of Splinterlands I tried to arrange each of its heads so that they have a slight difference in the temper of their personalities, so the red or fire head is not roaring but retains a cautious appearance which I find very dangerous because you can not know when it will attack and can catch you off guard.

-Step 2:

At the moment of filling in the shape of the character, I separated each of the heads in single layers, in order to prepare myself for the moment of painting, to avoid painting the green head and ending up with brushstrokes on the red head.

It is also important to mention that the fastest way to give color to the grays is precisely using the "color" fusion mode but sometimes this is not enough, so I also use the "overlay" mode and with it I get radiant colors in a few minutes while retaining the volume and illumination previously established.

-Step 3:

And let's not forget the dragon's body, which has anthropomorphic qualities, although I was avoiding making very marked abs to prevent it from looking too human, so the nipples were 100% discarded, but instead in the legs and arms I took care to give good definition to the quadriceps, biceps and triceps. On the heads, I was giving more details and more shadows to increase the depth and three-dimensionality of each neck, also, I was progressively eliminating some lines of the sketch to maintain my style of drawing.

-Step 4:

I continued working on the dragon's body, this time emphasizing even more the details of his musculature, for this I took as reference the human anatomy models where the muscle fibers are shown in red, I did this to match the power of the body with the danger of the heads, but I also added some scales to his shoulders to not lose that reptilian essence characteristic of dragons.

-Step 5:

At this point it was not about giving more details to every inch of the canvas, but it was time to focus on improving the lighting and color quality of the scene in order to express the epicness and power of this dragon. So to settle the shadows it was necessary to use the blend modes "soft light" and "multiply" supported with the curves tool and all this regulated with a layer mask to be able to undo those brushstrokes that were not in the area I wanted to darken.

Then as for the illuminated areas, I used hard light to give more saturation to the colors and for this I used a brush that I have, called "super soft" and as you can imagine it is an airbrush with a very low opacity, so I can paint with it and cover very little, just enough to give gentile glows.

Chromatic Dragon

I will leave you a GIF with the whole process on it, so you can better appreciate the illustration process.

See you in a future post!

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Friend you are amazing, I love every detail, good luck