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Even if you don't have a hand, you can still do magic.

And based on that philosophy, I present to you this fan art of Runemancer Florre. This was originally intended for Week 241 of the Splinterlands weekly contest, but I am very excited and wanted to share my art even if the deadline has passed. Additionally, I'm looking forward to creating something awesome for next week's contest.

And straight from the Forest of Flames comes Runemancer Florre, the one who hasn't hesitated to literally give a part of herself in her fight against the forces of the Legion of Chaos. I really like the design of this character due to the combination of nature with the Steampunk touch of her prosthetic arm, where her magic can still flow through this arcane device.

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  • Gaomon S620
  • Photoshop
  • Brushes courtesy of Imad Awan: Download here


-Step 1:

I wanted to give a lot of prominence to the birds that emerge from Florre's magic and thus place her in the center of the scene, encompassing everything with her hair full of branches and leaves.

-Step 2:

Then I applied the original color palette from the Splinterlands design to the character, first using flat colors to fill in the shapes of each element, and then I started adding volume by varying the shades of each color.

-Step 3:

The first hints of magic emerged as I further detailed Florre. I focused on darkening the edges of her face to create a strong contrast with her bright eyes. I also worked on the texture of her clothing, playing with the colors of the fabric that covers her shoulders and aiming to make the fabric of her dress look delicate and fine.

-Step 4:

The orange and blue bird that accompanies Florre in the Splinterlands card design has always reminded me of a Pokémon species, but I feel like I couldn't capture its essence when drawing the pair of birds that are coming straight towards the camera. The long neck of these creatures posed a challenge for me as I referenced a diving falcon from that angle, making it difficult to align them with their original design. However, I spent some time on the background, creating a dense vegetation forest with fiery cracks between the trees, referencing the Forest of Flames.

-Step 5:

It's time to truly bring magic to the scene. I applied a motion blur effect to the background forest, selected a layer set to "color dodge" blending mode, and gently applied a beautiful bright green just behind the birds. This immediately made the pink and violet colors of the Runemancer's hair stand out. Then, I created a layer set to "soft light" mode and used a gray color to add some additional shadows to the folds of the clothing and edges of the character to enhance their volume. As a final magical touch, I added small light dots throughout the scene.

I will leave you a GIF with the whole process on it, so you can better appreciate the illustration process.

Tell me in the comments that you imagine when you see this illustration.

See you in a future post!

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I really like the flow of this drawing @hadley4…especially the birds emanating from her magic. Her bright blue eyes really stand out as well.