How my Family feels about Crypto (Part 2)



Hello everyone and welcome to my blog about how my family feels about Crypto Currencies. My Name is Hariton and I will be sharing how my Dad feels about crypto before and now.

My Father idea about BTC before


At the time I got into bitcoin my father has heard of it but sees it as a new bubble that will not last long and the people that put their money in it are there are smart people that know when to collect their money before the systems crash, so keeping money there is quite very risky and how the value is going up and down shows how untrustworthy this thing is, so he always says

forget that thing and focus on other things that you can rely on”.

I guess he can be grouped into those who didn’t believe in what bitcoin can accomplish.
Before he believed in things like Gold, so he build a refinery and mining, but all that seems not to work very well at the end of the day, that’s a story for next time.

Stock market

stock market
The reason why I brought this up is to understand why he really this like sure things before. One of my father's close friends who has invested a lot in the stock market has been trying to get my father into this stock market business and he has built himself around it. His friend's wealth in the stock market was worth over $200 Million dollars. That was what he use to pay all of his bills and all other expenses. All that changed when the stock he invested in was went out of commission and slowly dies down, and he had a loss of 96% of his money which almost killed him, with a close friend like that losing such a huge amount he then marks all such trading has completely dangerous and he also happy that his money didn’t go in the same way.
This volume manipulation and his uncertainty about such trade have made him abstain from anything like it.

His current idea of bitcoin

Nowadays my father is not completely certain about what bitcoin Is, but he knows that this cryptocurrencies world has completely changed how the transferring of money has become and how easy it is to carry a Billion dollars in your pocket and access it at any time. If he ever wants to send a large amount of money across continents he does not have to go sign up and wait for a long period of time in fact he does not have to leave his house he can do all that in seconds and on his phone. But when it comes to keeping such money he still prefers the bank more than any other system. He wants us the bank for keeping while crypto for transferring. Hence he still hasn’t had any bitcoin still date.

Other cryptocurrencies apart from Hive

The way he sees other cryptos, according to him they all depend on bitcoin which is their mother so if bitcoin goes down, they will follow through.

Mining of Cryptocurrencies

He does not know much about mining but it is a way of getting free cryptocurrency, he is up for it, and that is the way I got him into the hive blockchain. Yes, that is how he got the first interest, he at first took it as a way to mine the currency before I later started to show him some of the true potentials of Hive, and with the growth of Hive within a year that he saw he then knew that if he had just bought Hive at this time last year he will have nothing to worry by this time, which would have been cool.

His current viewpoint on Hive

gif by @doze
Hive is a good cryptocurrency he says “it has a way of making more of itself if you understand how it works then you are on the right track, once I have the chance I will get into it and try to understand it“he also added that wants to post his knowledge on how gold mining works, his tips, and tricks and the fraudulent things should avoid. His article about how gold works a very long have I have taken a little pic inside of. I hope he will break them so that it does not end up taking a 30mins to read.
Recently he told me to open a Hive account for him, so I tried getting a free account but things didn’t turn out the way I planned it to which made me delay posting this blog because my plan for the post was to show you his progress on getting to know Hive and now he a Happy to let you know to he now Has his very own Hive account which is @goldmark45. Congratulations to him for making it to the community, though he still has a lot to learn and I wonder which community he is going to like the most and which other things he will like to post in it too.


The world of gaming is a big place and I don’t have an idea if he will be willing to play the games on Hive since I haven’t seen him playing any game once 🤔. So it is safe to say I will show him all the games and let him choose the one he likes the most.


in conclusion
So this is how my Father feels about cryptocurrency, in general, I hope you like it. If you have any other way to help him intact with it every day please leave a comment. Upvote and reblog if you like my post, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.


Fantastic to see you onboarding your father to Hive @hariton, and I wish you a Merry Cvristmas and a wonderful new year ahead, stay !ALIVE


Really fantastic to see you onboarding your father to Hive @hariton, and thanks for sharing his views of crypto, Merry Christmas to you all and stay awesome.

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