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Hello, friends. This week for the challenge we have a favorite of mine - Supply Runner.

If you don't feel like reading you can just check the battle here.


So lets check out the stats of our star:


As you can see, he has quite the decent stats right off level 1 with 2 damage, 3 speed and 4 hp, but where he really shines is on level 5 when he gets the Swiftness ability, which gives our entire team +1 speed. This makes him quite useful for the battle we are going to fight. Lets check out the rulesets and team I managed to come out with.


Rulesets and team composition


  • Aim True: Melee and Ranged attacks always hit their target;
  • Keep your distance: Monsters with melee attacks may not be used in battle;
  • 50 mana cap;
  • Available splinters: Life, Dragon;

So for these rulesets I immediately go for Quixx the Devious, as he is a direct counter and he's superior to General Sloan. The Aim True ruleset nullifies our speed advantage that I am planning on getting, but we would still attack first and get our advantage this way. Lets check out the team:

Monster I chose:Why I chose it:
quix-the-devious.pngAs a summoner I chose to go for Quix for several reasons - He counters the +1 damage of General Sloan. He further reduces the enemy speed by 1. An lastly on level 2 with him we can play level 5 common cards, which is exactly what we need for Supply Runner.
warrior-of-peace.pngAs a main "tank" I chose to go for the Warrior of Peace. He has the Highest hp in the non-melee monsters I have, apart from the Prismatic Energy, which might have been a bit better, just to get that 1 damage, but we'll see.
darius.pngAs a second monster I chose High Priest Darius, he will resurrect our Warrior of Peace and maybe Venari Crystalsmith witll get a heal off to make him survive a few more hits. Also the Weaken is quite good to kill the enemy monsters quicker as sometimes it makes quite the difference for the enemy monster not to survive with 1 hp.
crystalsmith.pngAs a third Monster - Venari Crystalsmith A perfect addition for the team. I have her on level 2 only, with 1 damage, but the heal is still nice and helps alot.
supply-runner.pngNext up - the star - Supply Runner. The level 2 Quix allows us to play him on level 5 with the swiftness ability
arbalest.pngNot much to say - a must for any ranged team.
prismologist.pngSame here - the 3 damage and 2 splash is just too good to pass.



Round 1

We face against a level 3 General Sloan with kind-of a weirdly built team.
He chose to go for purely damage team, with no tank. Let's see what happens.
High Priest Darius scores the first kill on the Portal Spinner, Prismologist sets up a double kill for our Pelacor Arbalest by removing the armor on the Lone Boatman and reducing the Mantoid's health to 2. Time Mage takes first spot and we end the round with 3 hp on our Warrior of Peace, with only 3 monsters left on the enemy team.


Round 2


Supply Runner scores a kill on the enemy Time Mage. Venari Crystasmith deals 1 damage and heals our Warrior of Peace for 3 hp. High Priest Darius leaves the enemy Supply Runner on 1 hp only for Prismologist to kill him and leave the enemy Pelacor Arbalest to die from his brothers first attack.


Result and post-game thoughts:


So this was quite an easy and quick fight. The Speed we gained from Supply Runner, the reduced speed from Quix, the lack of any sort of tank on the enemy team, the enemy missing out on using Prismologist were all factors that led to our victory.
A little mistake was, as I mentioned, not using Prismatic Energy for another point of damage, as the speed didn't really matter because of the Aim True ruleset.

Thats it from me this week, have a great weekend, everybody!



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