Splinterlands - End of season Reward

Hello Splinterlands Fans,

Hope you are doing good and have been battling well in the battle ground.

I started playing Splinterlands seriously from last month or so and have been enjoying it. I love the fact that you need to be dedicated any understand your strength and weaknesses in order to make a strategy to prepare the monster lineup for the battle field. You really need to use your brain and play.

There were a lot of ups and downs during last season and i finally ended up on Silver Level 1 😀😀

As a reward i got 18 Loot chests I was very excited to open them all and here is what i got:

Cards : 7 out of which 6 are new series cards.
DEC : 68
Alchemy Potion : 3
Legendary Potion : 1


I like the fact that i got more cards as these will help me increase my power to reach to Gold level. I fought enough battles in last season to get eligible for Gold level but could not as i was short of some Power. Hopefully i will be able to make it to Gold thins time.

Thanks for stopping by.
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