Eod of Season Reward - Silver 1

Hey guys

Made it to Silver 1 this season with excatly 70.000 CP, without rented cards. I was thinking of renting another 30.000 cp so I could have gotten Gold 1 but I'm not a big fan of renting, probably stupid I know. Let's see for next season.

Anyhow it's always exciting so see what's in the chests at the end of the season and here they are:


Nothing too exciting this time unfortunately but 4 rare cards I guess is not too bad, The Uraeus, Exploding Rats, Venari Seedsmith and Venari Wavesmith. Anyhow I know these cards will be way more valuable in the future so they go straight into my locked deck.

Let me know if you guys got anything cool.

Thank you Splinterlands.