Splinterlands NFT's : Get in there !



Hey Splinterlands players

Today I want to cover a subject which is fantastic but also bothers me a little, namely Splintertalks NFTs on Splinterlands.

If you haven't heard about them or seen them, they are available at :

Just so it's said:
I do not profit or create any of these NFTs, it's not financial advice. I just love the Splinterlands game and want the community and to grow.

What is an NFT
This is the description Wikipedia gives:
"A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded. Types of NFT data units may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio"

So in other words an NFT can be anything and everything. A few years back kids used to collect different cards ranging from music to sports. I used to have a huge collection of Kiss cards back in the days, of course they are all lost now. However if they were NFT's I would have still have them today. Something to think about.

Anyhow nowadays it's exactly the same except it's all digital. That's is safer, cleaner and just better.


Why are Splintertalks NFT's so fantastic

  1. The amount of work/hours it takes to make these NFT's is quite substantial. These artists put in all these hours because they love the art in Splinterlands and want to contribute
  2. Most artist don't do this to make money. They are lucky if they can sell 2-10 of them. If you calculate that on an hourly salary it would not amount to much.
  3. The talent out there is just mind blowing. These are truly professional artists.
  4. It just feels good to own them !

I mean look at this beauty:



Why does the Splintertalks NFTs bother me

  1. Because almost nobody buys them!
    Please guys I think it's only proper to support this kind of fantastic work. Especially when it's related to the game we all play every day.
  2. They are not expensive. The range is from about 5000 SPT to around 20.000 SPT, so highest price is around $40 at the current rate of SPT. Most people can afford that.
  3. Splintertalk and the Splinterlands community is the most charitable community I've ever seen. There is so much give-aways/support/chat to help new players etc, why are we forgetting the NFTs

I really hope that more people will discover these NFTs and see the same as I see. The Quality/work/talent of these artists should be rewarded much more than it currently is.



It's not often I have a solution to my posts but what about if Splinterlands gave out an extra bonus or airdrop points for people that held Splintertalk's NFTs.
I am very sure we would see a boom on the market place and the interest for creating them would also rise. This would bring a massive amount of new artists in to the market, massive amount of hype on the NFT scene, massive amount of interest, massive amount of new players. Plus it would not cost Splinterlands much to do this. If it was a bit costly there could always be a small transfer fee or something to get them in the game.

I don't see a down side here ?

Please, if you agree help spread the word, if you don't let me know why so we can all improve.

Side Note, Warning

There are a whole bunch of places to buy NFT's these days so please be extra careful where you buy and what you buy. They don't all go up in value and many of them are scams. Only buy from trusted sites. After all, it's crypto !


Below I have added a few more pictures of some of my top NFTs on the market. It's just my personal taste.





Artists info
In the order of the post:
Nymph - created by @djynn
Grum vs Queen Mycelia - @artgraf
Fire - @AnikeKirsten
In the Light of the Sea - @davideazul
Epona - @overlood
Inferno - @atanvardo


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