Point Break


How everything can change in one second, isn't this amazing? I was lucky once more, this morning, while I was making the tea for the day, in my big pitcher. While I was pouring the boiling water into my wonderful Morrocan mint with cardamon, black tea, and a hint of honey, the bloody thing broke, and all the water landed on my feet. Why did I say that I was lucky? Because I only poured 50-100 ml of boiling water, I could see that, if I have had a full one, 900-1000 ml, then probably I would have been badly burned, and waiting in the Accidents and Emergency salon in the hospital right now. But 50 ml was barely enough to wet my socks, which I took out very fast, and then I went under cold water to stop it from getting worst. Crisis averted, one more time, I will classify this as a near miss. The feet are a bit painful to touch, but the redness disappeared, as I used some water with colloidal silver, for the simple fact that the silver is disinfectant, killing the bacteria, but more because I kept the solution in the fridge, and I was quite cold, for its cooling effect.


Other than that, everything is fine, except for one hard decision that I struggle to solve. I have limited funds, in a way, so I can either upgrade the two latest legendary summoners airdropped in Splinterlands to max level or focus everything I got to reach the Dolphin level on Hive. And I want both, badly, but I do not know how I can make it possible. Nevertheless, I will try, better than that, I must do it. Challenge accepted. I got 3 BCX from Immortallis, need 8 more, and 2 BCX of Astral Entity, need 9 more. As for the Hive Dolphin level, I may need another 550 HIVE powered up.

For the first month of the year, the rewards were below my expectations, $927 (£753) only, but this is still better than nothing. I will continue with my expected objectives, and see how it is going. I cannot complain, did reach another 2 of them KSM and DHEDGE, and maybe LGN is within my reach also. So, the adventure continues, all the way to 550k Hive, whenever that will happen. I decided.

How do approach this one? Two strategies:

  • Kiss the frog first (I will start with the hardest tasks, that I do not like, at first, and then continue with the easiest ones. By tackling the hardest one first, everything seems easier after that. Can boost morale and productivity.
  • Do the hard stuff. Do not be comfortable. If I know I can power up 150 Hive every month, where is the challenge in doing it again and again? So, for the 1st of March, I want to have 550 Hive to power up. Transform your 'would' into a 'must'. But I will write about this in more detail in my Saturday Savers post.

And with these few ideas 'on paper', I stop here for now, getting ready for my first February gym session. I am planning to train chest and back, with at least 2 exercises x 5 series each, with 2 minutes warm-up rowing and maybe 10 min fast walking on 15% inclination on the treadmill. In doing this I need to check how my injured right elbow and right shoulder recovered. Hope is better now, even if there are some movement limitations still. I need to check with the doctor, to see what he/she is thinking about this.

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See you again tomorrow,