Splinterlands Share your Battle: Feral Spirit for the win!!! Last man standing! January 19, 2022


Hello friends! Hope your week is going great and you are enjoying the Splinterlands general sale.


Today, I bring to you Feral Spirit as part of the @splinterlands, weekly #play2earn share your battle challenge.

How did everyone do in the general sale? Did you sell your vouchers when they were sky high and use your HIVE to purchase a boatload of packs? I think that was probably the best strategy for those looking to buy 100 packs or less. I used up all my vouchers to purchase packs during the presale. I opened up 12 before I stopped. I was getting irritated as I wasn't pulling that many good cards. I've been pretty good at not opening the rest and just saving them.

Anyway, back to Feral Spirit. According to Splinterlands lore, "Forever caught between dimensions, the Feral Spirits (and all Luminous Beasts) are the result of the Obliteration of Light, a horrible destructive event in which all the living vanished from the surface of Khymeria. These spirits do not hunger or thirst, but their fangs still bite and their claws still slash."

Feral Spirit is a common monster from the Life Splinter. It is an OG card from the Alpha/Beta series.
At level 1, it has superior speed of +4 with sneak attack. Its health is pretty low at +2, but with it's high speed it has a chance of evading attacks. It has a melee attack of +1 and its mana cost comes at a cost of 3.

Show me the Stats


At any level Feral Spirit is pretty solid card. However, with the onset of Chaos Legion cards its use isn't as effective as Life Splinter has a new card with +2 melee attack with sneak capabilities for the same mana cost. Albeit it is slow AF. Regardless, if paired up with Silvershield Knight Feral spirit is a solid card, as it its speed is outstanding. As you level up its attack improves and at level 10 it has a massive sneak attack of +4 making it a dangerous card.

Battle and Lineup


The Battle was a mana cap of 22 with Enrage and Weak Magic.









Questions and Answers

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

My strategy certainly worked as I came out victorious. The divine shield from my summoner was MONEY. And extra protection from Truthspeaker, and Shield from Chaos Knight allowed me to withstand my opponents attacks and lead me to victory.

There's actually A LOT going on in this battle. More than meets the eye. The number of permutations and variables in this battle are actually CRAZY. The flying ability by Celestial Harpy also came into play as my opponent despite having the speed advantage had quite a few misses. It was actually comical. Finally, Feral Spirit was last man standing and thanks to its outstanding speed attacked first leading us to victory. Crazy crazy battle for sure.

Do I like Feral Spirit Why or why not?

I certainly love feral spirit despite the fact that some of the new chaos legion cards have pushed him to the side. Its outstanding speed and sneak ability are valuable attributes in this game. And if you combined him with silver shield knight, feral spirit is a very valuable card.

If he is last man standing and its one on one, he is likely to come out on top as it has outstanding speed. Which is exactly what happened in my battle.

This concludes my battle challenge. I hope you enjoyed it and were able to learn a little bit more about Feral Spirit and see how the card stacks up against the rest of the competition.

If you enjoyed my write up and want to talk strategy you can find me @hive.pizza in our Discord.

Lastly, if you are new to Splinterlands and want to play, feel free to use my affiliate link.

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