Splinterlands Share your Battle: Wood Nymph January 10, 2022


Hello friends! Hope your first week of 2022 got off to a great start!


Today, I bring to you Wood Nymph as part of the @splinterlands, weekly #play2earn share your battle challenge.

With the onset of Chaos Legion, cards have been ridiculously cheap to rent. So I went out and rented Wood Nymph from @peakmonsters. She cost me one tenth of a DEC per day lol. I don't know if I should be happy or I should be mad. Because this also means the cards I do own have gone down in value considerably. I sure hope the creators of Splinterlands know what they are doing. We will see how the general sale goes. If history repeats itself this is par for the course.

Wood nymph is also cheap because a lot of people have opted to use Goblin Psychic instead. A new tank heal from the Chaos Legion roll out. He brings plus 2 magic at level 1, compared to Wood Nymph's single magic attack.

According to Splinterlands lore, "A peculiar new bud appeared at the tips of the highest branches of the Elder Tree. The animals living in the tree watched as the strange buds grew, and in a matter of days, burst open. From each bud zoomed forth a tiny sprite. These Wood Nymphs quickly scattered around Anumün in a frenzy of mischief." 1

Wood Nymph is a common earth monster. She is a rewards card from previous iterations of the game.
At level 1, she has a mana count of 4 with +2 health, +1 magic, +1 speed. She is pretty slow and has low health so she does need to be protected. However, her tank heal and plus one magic attack can be pretty overpowering specially if you have Unicorn Mustang as your tank.

Show me the Stats


At any level Wood Nymph is an excellent card. And the fact that you can rent her for 1/10 of a DEC per day is unreal. Her best quality is the fact that she has tank heal in a magic heavy splinter. Paired up with Unicorn Mustang and you have yourself a devastating combo. Albeit the bots in the game have gotten a lot better and in low mana rule sets shes probably a gonner lol. But I digress. At max level she brings +2 Magic, +4 speed, and +4 health, tank heal and strengthens the health of all friendly monsters.

With that said, she is an awesome card when paired up with a solid tank. And the fact that she comes so cheap in the market is hard to fanthom. But that's just the way things are. Hang in there friends, things will turn around. Let's get that general sale out of the way and things will start moving again.

Battle and Lineup



The Battle was a mana cap of 25 with reverse speed rule set. Only Earth, Life, and Death splinters were allowed. I went with Mylor as my summoner.


Unicorn Mustang is an excellent tank since it has +3 Melee, +4 speed, +10 health, and Magic void. Since people love to spam magic when using Earth splinter, this tank pairs up well with Wood Nymph with her tank heal and Mushroom Seer which reduces the opponents magic attack by one. As a result, the Unicorn Mustang's magic void neutralizes any monsters that only have a magic attack of 1. Even though, the rules set was reverse speed I didn't care I still plugged him in as a tank, because he too had the thorn ability. Too many variables were at play here making him an excellent adversary.


I put in Khmer Princess at position number two because she was the last monster I put in and I only had +2 mana left. I was hoping to get at least some attack out of her while she protected Wood Nymph, and Mushroom Seer, albeit if it was for just for one round. Plus her thorn ability would come in handy should she be attacked by a melee strike.


I put Mushroom Seer in the middle of my attack because I wanted him to last a little longer than Wood Nymph. His plus 2 magic and silence ability are very useful when paired up with Unicorn Mustang's magic void.


I nestled Wood Nymph in position 4 hoping she would survive mulitple rounds as she continued to heal my tank. I had her protectd from the back by earth elemental.


At a mana cost of 3, Earth Elemental is an excellent card because it provides excellent protection for a low mana cost. It has +6 health and +1 range. I plugged him in last to protect Wood Nymph. And since it was reverse speed rule set this card became even more useful at it has +1 speed.



Questions and Answers

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

My strategy worked out great. As my opponent decided to go with a heavy, heavy magic attack and spam the heck out of magic using the Earth Splinter. Magic Mushrooms's magic silence ability combined with Unicorn's Mustangs magic void would neutralize most of their Magic attack. It also helped that they used Regal Peryton as one of their monsters as she has +5 speed, limiting her attack in a reverse speed rule set.

They attacked first, but Thorn Ability came in handy as my opponent took damage with each melee attack. When Unicorn Mustang finally did attack he did +3 melee damage in addition to any thorn damage already inflicted. My opponent continued to attack with magic, but very little damage was done as only Goblin Psychic had +2 magic attack on their side. Once I got rid of all their melee monsters it was all down hill for them!

I quickly proceeded to mow down their team systematically picking them apart one by one. And earned a quick victory.

There's nothing I would try differently. Having Unicorn Mustang, paired up with Mushroom Seer, and Wood nymph is simply a too overpowering combination. It's so powerful that it didn't even matter that the rule set was reverse speed. Add to that Mylor's thorn ability and you can say good night! Obviously this strategy works when your opponent like's to spam magic. If it weren't a magic attack I would be in some sort of trouble. What' does this mean? That luck is also involved in this game. If there were more splinters to choose from, it would have been more of a coin flip. At any rate, nothing to take away from my performance. It was a great win. My opponent got beat down pretty hard. Solid win for sure!

Do I like Wood Nymph Why or why not?

I love Wood Nymph especially when she only cost .10 DEC per day to rent. I remember the days when she was like 3 DEC per day to rent haha. She is too overpowering of a card when combo'd with Unicorn Mustang and Mushroom Seer. Yeah she is slow AF but if you can protect her, that Tank Heal is MONEY. I actually prefer her to Goblin Psychic even if she only has +1 Magic. I'll take her.

However, if you are faced against Death or an opportunity heavy attack you can say good night. She will be one of the first monsters to go as she has really low health. It's just a matter of seeing the rule set and checking out what splinters you might face. If you think its a Magic Heavy earth attack, shes MONEY all day. If not yeah you might be in trouble haha.

This concludes my battle challenge. I hope you enjoyed it and were able to learn a little bit more about Wood Nymph and see how the card stacks up against the rest of the competition.

If you enjoyed my write up and want to talk strategy you can find me @hive.pizza in our Discord.

Lastly, if you are new to Splinterlands and want to play, feel free to use my affiliate link.

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Thank you, have a wonderful day!