Weekly battle Goblin Psychic


Hi all,
it's another week and another challenge. This time around for the earth splinter and the Tank healer Goblin Psychic. It's not a card I use much personally since I'm not good with the earth splinter. Personally, I don't have any Earth summoner leveled up and all my earth monsters are at level one. However, I have faced several Goblins at level 4 or higher that are very effective against me with the poison so if you are invested in the earth splinter then I think it's a no-brainer to level up the card.


Battle preparations

  • 30 Mana
  • Spreading fury
  • Reverse speed
    Earth, Life, Death and Dragon were available to choose from and my opponent had been quite different types of teams in the previous games so I was not sure what to expect.

With the reverse speed I thought it would be a good time to choose earth since they are quite slow. I picked the Mycelic slipspawn up top and several magic monsters behind including Goblin psychic and wood Nymph for tank healing.

The battle


My opponent picked the life splinter with two tanky units upfront and several archers in the back. I manage to kill the two tanks while they killed my Slipspawn after that the rest of my monsters die quite fast. This time and as many times over I failed with the Earth splinter even with reverse speed.