Weekly challenge Chaos Knight



Hey all,
this time around we look to the Life splinter and the Chaos Knight, it's a decent tank for a medium mana price. At level on you get 7 defence points
with the shield ability and 2 in attack for 6 mana. I have it at level 3 for the extra speed and damage which makes it very useful in medium mana games. I think it can shine at level 9 and 10 when it has inspire as the Life splinter have many sneak and opportunity monsters that can benefit from the extra attack.


Battle Preparations

  • 52 Mana
  • Equalizer
  • Lost Legendaries
    All splinters were available to choose from. My opponent had played the Death splinter in the last 5 games, so I expected that to continue. And Cursed Windeku was used heavily in those 5 games giving a good opportunity to get health up for all cards. I thought this was a good opportunity to use the Life splinter and the Chaos knight to boost its health and improve it as a tank.
    Behind it, I picked the chaos mage to slow down my enemies while dealing some damage and then I picked several archer units including the Venari Crystalsmith for tank healing as I had picked General Sloan.

The Battle

As I expected my opponent picked the Death splinter and the cursed Windeku upfront boost the health of all cards. Even so my tactic worked well with all my cards dealing damage to the first card I managed to kill the Windeku the first round and my Chaos Knight survived to the second round, I would have hoped to have healed it twice before it went down but no luck. But from there on my damage was enough to ensure victory.


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