Weekly Challenge Radiated Brute


This week's monster belongs in the Fire splinter, it's an off-tank with the Reach ability giving it the possibility to hit from behind the tank. At lower levels, it serves very well in reverse speed and somewhat low mana cost for the health and damage.

Between the three reach monsters in Modern Fire splinter (Magma troll, Radiated Brute and Fineas Rage) I have used the radiated brute the most while playing in Bronze and Silver while using Fineas Rage more in gold where mana caps are usually higher.

While looking at his stats I think he serves better in the lower leagues since his health doesn't improve much and his second ability is Enrage which he cant utilize much due to his low health. Therefore I feel that Fineas Rage is better in higher leagues with his high health, Opress and retaliate if you can afford him.


Battle preparations

  • 36 Mana
  • Lost Magic
    Fire, Water, Life and Death were available to pick from. My opponent had played predominantly Magic water and earth decks in previous matches, therefore I felt good with picking the Fire splinter.
    As mana was a bit limited I picked the Radiated Brute behind the Antoid platoon, hoping that it would scavenge some health before dying. Subsequently, I picked the LAva Launcher hoping to use its stun and the Molten Ash golem to lower my opponent's health. And last I picked the Serpentine spy and Tenyii Striker hoping to deal damage on the backline.

The Battle

My opponent picked the Life splinter with high-level cards and is very effective at picking of my cards very fast. This time my gameplan didn't work as I intended but I still managed to win as my Tenyii striker was faster in the last rounds.