Weekly challenge the Deep Lurker

It's time for another weekly challenge and this time it's the Deep lurker in the Water splinter. It's a card I enjoy a lot and I use it frequently. I currently have a gold foil version that I have leveled up to level four, I can really recommend this if you like the water splinter. I use it in almost every water game I play which gives me a dec boost as well. With Opportunity, it's excellent at picking up weaker units behind the enemy's tank.

So at level four the Deep lurker sits at 4 in attach and 7 health, the speed is 3 but with Keyla it's up to four and he gets one armor as well. Very powerful, fast and with good health. I can't wait to level it up to 6 when he also gets poison.


Battle preparations

  • 48 Mana
  • Broken arrows
  • Fog of war
    Water, Life, Fire and Death were available to choose from and my opponent had been quite different types of teams in the previous games so I was not sure what to expect. However, I like to play the Deep lurker and Feasting seaweed with the Fog of war rule-set as their Opportunity is not affected so I choose the Water splinter.
    Upfront I picked the Diemonshark, it's a great tank with lots of shield and health, behind him I picked the Demented shark to boost the attack of my units. After that, I picked Djinn Oshannus if my opponent would choose magic attacks and then my Deep lurker and Feasting Seaweed with 9 attack points combined thanks to the Demented Shark. At last, I took a chance to the Venari Wavesmith if my opponent would use a lot of non-magic attacks.

The Battle


My opponent choose the death splinter with decent tank upfront and good magic units in the backline, probably thinking they are safe. Or he missed the fog of war rule set as he put a Silent Sha-vi in third place. My tactic worked out quite well, the deep lurker takes out the Ancient lich with its first attack and I think I win quite comfortably.


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