HiQ №15 | Smart, Stylish & Sexy | Review of the year 2021 - of HiveFest, Rabona, Splinterlands and CUB - HBit a.m.m.m.

Authored by @hiq

By: @kvinna


Our brand new editoriumnalist is observing HiQ editors in their natural environment. Since there are a lot of complex behaviors to spot, our Editoriumn became exceptionally long. Enjoy the HiQ №15!

Now I am here and actually writing a column. Who would have thought? Not me! I am actually typing an article for a newspaper. For the stylish HiQ! Even though I am still terribly nervous about writing a post for my blog - putting something out into the world forever. A huge responsibility on its own! Just recently I needed all my courage to post something into a hive community for the first time.

Today, I really just wanted to attend the final meeting of editors to see how such an important day looks like behind the scenes. Maybe I could help out with some final phrasing and wording. There are articles missing, they said. But I was not ready for that in my opinion. After listening for a while I got the idea to use my observer function to write about the happenings in the virtual HiQ-Tower. Some people might enjoy the funny moments aswell as the exciting and dramatic ones that are happening here @hiq. Spontanious ideas are supposed to be the best, let's find out!

The smart, stylish (Editor's note: And sexy.) magazine is supposed to be released before midnight today. Everyone still seems relaxed, even though there is not much time left. They said that they would need the pressure. That's why they wouldn't start until the day of publication. When I came in at about 2:30 p.m. and asked if they were busy yet, the honest @quekery dryly said, "No!"

The diligent @mary-me mentioned from the background that she has already been proofreading articles. @smooms is still missing, although @mary-me asked him yesterday to be on time and to be done with his shopping. The chatter continues until @mary-me and @quekery retreat to the crunch room. In this room, there is a rule that you can only speak if you have pertinent information, or if you are asked. I still stayed in the editing room to hear if anything else was going on, but there was nothing.

So I follow into the other room, because I finally want to know how things work behind the scenes. The team seems to like to procrastinate! (Translators note: Not a very common word in the German language) Since the word sounds eloquent and isn't very common (Translators note: In Germany). There is even a video that explains and emphasises that delaying important things is great and smart. (Editor's note: And sexy. And stylish.)

A comparison is also drawn to cats, who are unbeatable at doing something and yet don't lose composure doing nothing. Fortunately, @mary-me has a conscientious cat who creates extra pressure on her mistress by responsibly throwing down an important stack of notes and a tobacco can. The shock of having to collect the tobacco from the carpet must have given her a good adrenaline rush. Fortunately, the can was locked, because she also had to get out her ringing cell phone from behind the sofa. Unfortunately, I didn't catch this live, because I was still waiting in the other room.

However, the article by @thatgermandude (Editor's note: The article about the hive price!) was done quickly. But promised articles are missing, I hear slight panic. (Editor's note: Annoyance. Mild to moderate annoyance.) The apparently always available @damus-nostra seems to be unavailable. Again, mild panic ensues. Some suspect that @damus-nostra is now ghosting the team and will not be heard from again for a long time.

@smooms is still sorely missed. Somehow understandable, without him there would be no graphic (Note by @smooms: GraphicS... The HiQ is riddled with my graphical outpourings/effrusions.[Note from @kvinna: A team member said there would be no graphic (Note to note from "A team member", whose name @mary-me is not mentioned: graphicS...)]) and less funny interjections, not to forget the smooms Jingles, so titled by me, which he emits in different pitches, mostly when someone enters or leaves the room.

In between @quekery talks about LUV and HIVE-BITS and mentions my name. I, who wants to collect to be LUV legend, am already pleased about the increase of my still puny LUV account, however I am supposed to become the guinea pig for HIVE-BITS. A while ago, I would have thought of HIVE-BITS as an additive in cereals, something like Nougat-Bits (Translaters note: A German cereal brand ) only with honey or caramel.

Now of course I know it has something to do with Crypto. It sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to it (Note from @kvinna: Be thanked @quekery) and I will have a closer look. Maybe there will be an article about it in this issue too.

Then the excited @damus-nostra bursts in, he was supposedly on field mission and must have reacted immediately to @mary-me's message. He still delivers the first part of his article absolutely on time and wants to start right away, but has to wait for his trun. He seems very excited and eager. @smooms just dryly commented, "Don't roll over!"(Translators note: It means to not overdo it in German)

I heard that @damus-nostra is supposed to know Rabona very well and invests a lot of time into the game, moreover he allegedly (Editor's note: Presumably.) talks a lot about Rabona. Actually, as far as I know, you can't play soccer there. But I know little about Rabona and it doesn't really interest me, however, it seems to be exciting. @damos-nostra thinks he's on to something big. A conspiracy theory? Maybe you will find the answer in his article.

In between, a deep, exasperated sigh from @mary-me: "smooms is still not here!" Well, who is going to read our text out loud professionally? Granted, that's quite an experience! Too bad you guys can't hear it. I would be in favor of an audio version to listen to for those who are lazy about reading and those who enjoy voices. (Editor's note: It was considered, but it is mega time-consuming to post-process, so we scrapped it again). Currently @quekery has to read the texts for @mary-me. But he does a great job - an absolutely worthy replacement!

Well, math often includes letters and he is outstandind. I vote @quekery as reading uncle! Mr. Smoomsington seems to have received this sigh from @mary-me in his sleep, because he suddenly appears in the virtual HiQ-Tower with a hoarse voice. No, he wasn't partying all night, he had been asleep until just now. He still has to answer the question several times. Because you have to know, @smooms' voice is known as always perfect for every situation.

@mary-me has ordered a delicious burger in the meantime, because she doesn't have a stove right now. She doesn't waste any work time preparing food during this important meeting. A barbecue burger delivered somewhere to nowhere. I can see in my mind a delivery boy climbing the steep wall with climbing equipment.

He doesn't seem to have slipped, because the burger didn't arrive as a mush. However, it will be tough on @mary-me's stomach later. How do I know this? I write my observations after the fact. The conscientious @thatgermandude has delivered his second article (Editor's note: The Shitcoins article.) and would now be dismissed for today, but he is still offering help and will stop by later.

The batteries of my cell phone went low and I miss another tragic moment reported to me after the fact. A team member offers home to two "fight" doggies, which suddenly formed a tangle. As it turned out, the victim is not visibly injured and a while cuddling on his master's lap calmed the dog. For important matters, the meeting is also sometimes interrupted. (Note from @smooms: For pooping, for example).

@quekery warns me that the team will get more and more unruly as the evening goes on. Supposedly this always happens. Even though I can't imagine this happening when I look at most of the members, but I rather will be careful. The reliable @thatgermandude, has offered to write more articles, but since the launch before midnight will not happen, he said he could play some games beforehand. He also seems to be very relaxed. (Editor's note: That's why HE is not in the core team).

While @smooms and @quekery were enjoying their ordered food (Editor's note: Except @smooms... his Burger was shit.), I read out the intermediate result of my observation column (Note by @kvinna: Everyone was very quiet, I wonder if that was a good sign?) and I am now supposed to write an Editoriumn. We'll see if I don't lose my artistic freedom (Note by @mary-me: Artistic freedom in the form of filler words. [Note by @smooms: Loooool.]). It is also to be translated into English.

I'm afraid that won't be possible to convey all that I'm trying to express, but I guess I'll have to bow to the core team's instructions and release my text for translation. @mary-me and @quekery have left the room and @smooms has followed them after some courtesy questions to me. It must be a secret room in the HiQ tower, because I don't see one.

Maybe they have things to discuss that the new columnist is not allowed to write about, who knows!? Somehow I feel left out now. All-clear: @mary-me and @quekery just needed absolute silence and @smooms has followed them to tell them something - thus disturbing them, or their absolute silence. **Right now @quekery and @smooms are tinkering with the text display of the tops and flops in the yearly review.

Text display is not always easy and everything is different in HTML, but I'm sure our two editors will solve that soon. My neck is getting tense and I'm getting a headache because I'm nervous about my text and whether I should really publish it. But I'm afraid I can't go back, because the editors have already scheduled me.

Maybe I'll just order a glass of wine from the imaginary catering service in the virtual HiQ editorial room and just go for it. Well, I'll probably have to get the wine myself. I can only summarize my impression so far based on the condition described above: It's like chess with dice. (Note by @kvinna: I know that you don't play chess with dice. Therefore the saying.) But if I can be a columnist (Editor's note: Editoriumnist.), maybe you can also play chess with dice.

At 11:20 p.m. @kaeptn-iglo showed up and said he wanted to appear an hour ago, but his program had crashed. Now I had to "quekern" (Translators note: Inside joke for muting oneself completely in voicechat.) myself, unfortunately. That's what I say when I turn my headphones off. Because when @kaeptn-iglo is there, it often gets really funny, which is basically very nice, but I also know that I can't concentrate on my work or correct my text then.

So you see how hard the life of a columnist (Editor's note: Editoriumnist.) is. I'm not only missing @kaeptn-iglo's funny news, but also what the rest of the squad is up to. I'll tune back in in a moment. @thatgermandude is also back and has turned everything in.

Now there is discussion about postponing the release. The usually laid back @mary-me is threatening to ragequit at 1:00 a.m., regardless of whether everything is ready. And yes, @quekery was right, everyone is getting more indignant. Now a different wind is blowing here, it's getting a little icy. Some smarty pants says: "You should have started earlierY (Editor's note: Classic...), spread the work over several days. But yes, I'm sure the core team certainly does that every time (Editor's note: As I said... Classic...), but the procrastination gets in their way.

Maybe in the future they will focus on precrastination (Editor's note: Unanimously rejected. But good suggestion.), but that remains to be seen. As a final editorial observation columnist (Editor's note: Final editorial observation editoriumnist.) and a becoming editorial observation expert, I have to adapt to the team's schedule. After all, if you want to observe animals in the wild, you also have to stick to their natural schedule.

I need to come to an end here so it doesn't get out of scope, or the hive block. This column (Editor's note: Editoriumn.) makes no claim to completeness and mainly reflects my perception as well as a few things I was forced to write. I am not responsible for translations and insertions. (Editor's note: It's also written in the disclaimer below.) I don't know yet if I'll go into series production. That is also up to you! ★


  ➀ HiQs MVP - @m31

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By: @smooms

➀ HiQs MVP  

The winter break has allowed us to completely recalibrate our synapses. We also see things much more clearly now in terms of MVP. Congratulations go to ...

@m31. We met her while playing Cards Against Humanity at HiveFest 2021 . She was a fun person whose Hive blogging content we absolutely had to stalk.

Her account is heavily infused with nature and art. She has been posting regularly for 4 years and has built up a solid following over that time.

Although her name may suggest otherwise, she is female. At least we believe so. These are strange times we find ourselves in.

Of course she gets all the support from us she deserves and the title of MVP. Keep your chin up and don't let anyone talk at you.

Are you HiQ's next MVP? Do you want to call yourself the most stylish user of the month?

NEW: Submit 1 HIVE & get 100% votes for 1 MONTH!

Every month we are looking for the most stylish hivian of Hive. You can submit your photo too! Send 1 HIVE (+ bribe) to @hiq.magazine with the memo "HiQ MVP + link to your profile".

We will then publish your picture in one of the next issues. Additionally, we'll put you in our auto-voter for a month. That means at least 28 days of 100% upvotes from the smart HiQ trail. ★

(only 1 vote per day!)

By: @hiq


Once again, a year of Hive passes through the country. Many things took their course, both good and bad. Of course, our views are objective, but a true Hivestyler forms his own opinion.

We have therefore summarised the most important topics of the year for us here. If any events have not been listed here, please feel free to leave us a comment with your highlight of 2021.

By: @smooms


We live by the motto: New is always better. Added to this is our second motto, that English is modern. Combine the two and you get: @hiq.magazine. The English offshoot of HiQ - Das Hivestyle Magazin

Growth and an expanded readership are decidedly important in times of Hive. How then can we be blamed for also wanting to draw the international readership to the Hivestylish side of the force?

Our recent appearance as presenters at the last HiveFest has given the new issue even more prominence. The HiQ is now also in English.

For a long time we debated about publishing a translated version of the HiQ and like many other things we do, one day the work frenzy got to us and we just went through with it.

We were aware that we would have to build up a new readership for the English area, but we were very quickly supported by various hive stars there as well.

HiQ's conclusion:

THE event of the year 2021. ★

By: @quekery


In November 2021 the HiveFest6 took place. It was the 2nd Hivefest in VR and we were fully involved, both as speakers and visitors. All the stress put us on a winter break, but nevertheless, we still had fun.

The HiveFest 2021 by @roelandp was definitely a top event for Team HiQ - not least because of the lectures and the speakers. (Editor's note: Logical, we were one of the lucky ones after all.) Of course, it also had downsides for some of us.

A highlight was definitely @arcange's presentation on Hive Authentication Services (HAS). We are curious to see whether we will all log in this way in the future. In the meantime, there is already a library for developers. If you want to support the whole thing, you can vote for the HAS-Proposal.

Since we were also presenters, we were able to meet @arcange, @roelandp and many others not only at the rehearsal, but also playing Cards-Against-Humanity in VR. This was a fun experience for us and one of the benefits of a VR meet-up. (Editor's note: And also the cheap ticket price. 0 HIVE is also a ticket price!)

We also have positive memories of @thebeardflex's speaking speed. And PIZZA has not only accompanied us in 2021. Many comments, our interview and great community work have made 2021 a PIZZA year with and without pineapple.

The icing on the cake was lots of BEER and Hash. So there was plenty of consciousness-raising at HiveFest, be it the projects of @detlev or https://www.hashkings.app/ by @qwoyn. We also want to mention Inji by @therealwolf and @good-karma with Ecency honorably. What would Hive be without front-ends with individual use-cases. (Editor's note: We've already had enough without a use case...).

We don't agree whether the whole thing in VR is a top or a flop, so it's just both - satire, you know. Since the lectures were very tightly scheduled and there was little room for questions, we also have to deduct some points. Many people also complained that there was hardly any time for social contacts between the lectures. But as the German likes to say: "That's complaining at the highest level".

HiQ's conclusion:

So all in all an epic event. ★

by @thatgermandude


13 cents to $3.41 - every Hivian was excited about the highs our Coin reached in 2021. Where did all the euphoria come from? What will happen to the price of HIVE in 2022?

Our analysts can't seem to come to an agreement on this subject. Was it the Splinterlands hype that pushed the underlying blockchain? Or was it because of the Alt Coin Season and hive stood out because of it's unique use case and a decent price development earlier this year?

The truth might be somewhere in between, personally I have met only one Splinterland Player that has become a real Hivian. Another important thing to note is the high activity on Korean markets at the time of the rally.

Korean investors have been responsible for a lot of STEEM and HIVE pumps in the past. The reason why Korean seem to love HIVE so much even after the fork from Steem is unknown to our editors.

The price for 2022 is quite a mystery as well. From Crypto Winter depression to HIVE at $20, there are a lot of different takes. Many think we will see a rather solid floor at around 70 cents. Many Hivians who took profits at the top use these levels to buy back their sold HIVE.

HiQ's conclusion:

Alotta Cashmoney? Keep it coming! The course was an absolute top for the HiQ team. ★

By: @thatgermandude, @quekery, @smooms & @mary-me


Just because it says shit on it doesn't mean it has shit in it. Many have tried their luck this year with "low caps" aka Shitcoins. The experiences of our editorial team members vary.

@thatgermandude has tried it with Doge relatives like Dogelana, Dogebonk and Floki. He burnt his fingers pretty badly in the process and doesn't want to have anything more to do with small coins for the time being.

Next time he will approach Shitcoins with a different tactic and not according to who makes the funniest memes.

@quekery has ALL shitcoin with planets or moons in its name. SafeMoon(OLD), MoonMoon, Mooni ..., just to name a few. He also got his hands on a few Inus. His biggest success was Akita Inu. Is he now rich as fuck?

Spoiler: Then he would no longer work for HiQ.

He didn't learn to buy the dip in 2021 either. He bought Doge right at the top just before Doge Day. Maybe he shouldn't listen to Elon Musk in the future. We have seen where that leads.

@smooms is a real shinobi, so he will now be fully secretive and not tell anyone what assets he has. But one thing is as clear as day... Some of his more expensive purchases were only made possible by selling excessively cheaply acquired shitcoins.

@mary-me bought everything who had at least seven zeros after the decimal point. There were a few Moons and Inus - but she placed her greatest hope in ASS aka Australian Safe Shepard. (@smooms' note: So does I. Looool.)

The Shitcoin hype was in May 2021 and as you can see from the screenshot, it died down again fast afterwards. Shit happens.

HiQ's conclusion:

It started out nice, but as the share price fell, so did the niceness. ★

By: @thatgermandude


CUB, the son of LEO, started out with a lot of promises. Unfortunatly the Token price took a deep dive and left many investors dissapointed. Why, you ask?

A DeFi project based on hive sounds nice and dandy. It was quite the hassle to get CUB through the LeoBridge, but it was doable with some effort. (Anm. d. R.: Und für uns ne gute Gelegenheit Tutorials zu schreiben ...)

What left a sour taste in the mouth of early investors was the rapid drop of APR and Token value. When most people understood how to use CubDefi it was already too late to earn money there.

LEO itself did not have a good year 2021 especially compared to HIVE. In the beginning of the year you got 3 HIVE for 1 LEO, this month you got 0.3 HIVE if you were lucky.

Will Cub get back on track and lead the LeoFinance Empire to glory? Or will the Lion King have no happy end on hive? We will see in 2022!

HiQ's conclusion:

What started out weakly, has now fallen off sharply. Potential wasted. ★

By: @quekery


"Buy the Top" can also be a flop with Splinterlands. Nevertheless, the Splinterlands phenomenon is perhaps THE happening in 2021. And maybe further?

It's 28 July 2021, and @quekery and many other "hivestylers" had already sold their tickets in 2020. (Editor's note: You had to pay your rent somehow.) A fatal mistake, as would become apparent on that very day.

Api nodes fainted, account creation tickets were on the brink of extinction (Editor's note: A condition that continues to this day.), Splinterlands card prices and asset prices skyrocketed and their fifty-fold increase was not uncommon, and the Untaimed booster packs at Splinterlands were suddenly a sought-after commodity.

But what was the reason? One can only speculate about that. Fact is that tens of thousands of new players made the pilgrimage to Splinterland every day. This led to node collapses and since Splinterlands assets are limited ... I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Splinterlands had also prepared some new things in 2021. One important introduction was SPS - the Governancetoken from SL. This can and could be farmed, and at times with an enormous gain.

In keeping with the motto "buy the top", some users here have also gone down the drain with, for example, SPS purchases at the top.

The preparation and launch of the new Chaos Legion card edition also overlaps the year 2021. The first two pre-sale phases began at the end of 2021 and packs could already be opened in the 2nd phase. A total of 15 million packs have been printed.

At the time of going to press, there were already only about 8 million packs left. (Editor's note: We are currently in the official sales phase - while stocks last). I.e. 7 million packs are already in circulation.

Then there were vouchers (Editor's note: We finally learned how to pronounce this. Let's hope you will know that for HiQ as well.), pole position in dApp Radar and so on.

Will SL continue its success in 2022, even if Chaos is twice as expensive as its predecessors?

HiQ's conclusion:

(@smooms' note to @quekery: Bonus-Payout?) ★

By: @damus-nostra


I would like to give a little summary of mine about the Rabona Football Manager to give the inexperienced a little insight into what the game developers were thinking (or not thinking).

As this game is now in its 63rd season, there have been many ups and downs for the operators. Even the people responsible for Rabona have changed. Each time, improvements in handling and playability were promised, but unfortunately it remained more like promises.

Actually, the game is about bringing your own football team to success. To do this, you can buy players and train them. Of course, you also need a stadium, which you can expand over time to 70,000 spectators through financial campaigns. Around the stadium, you can also invest in the fan shop, gastronomy, etc. to get enough spectators into your stadium.

At the end of a season, you also have to make sure that all players have valid contracts (3, 4 or 5 years), otherwise the players are gone. And then you have to buy new players at a high price. Within one day (24 hours = 4 games) you can train once for free. So far, so good (if one would stick to the rules of football as we know it).

Unfortunately, the game developers at Rabona... HERE, have taken football ad absurdum. But let's start from the beginning... Let's assume you now have enough players to field a team and want to actively participate in the next season. So you can directly submit (and thus save) your line-up for the next game(s) to Rabona.

You can now choose the tactics that are advantageous for your team. You can choose between 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1, which means how many players you will field in defence, midfield and attack. These are truly clear statements. Let's look directly at the highest league of the current season (League of Champions) and look at the league leader: Danglers FC.

They latter played against my team in a 4-4-2 system, with a goalkeeper in goal and 3 goalkeepers and 1 midfielder in defence. In midfield there were 2 goalkeepers, 1 midfielder and 1 attacker, with 2 midfielders in attack. (Note: 6 out of 11 players are goalkeepers.) If we now take the technical value of the players (which can be trained) of this team on the pitch, we end up with a value of 763, which is a technical average value of 69.36 for the individual players.

Preussen Berlin (Editor's note: The team of the author.) has a total technical value of 1008, whereby the individual technical value is 91.63 here. The positions are also correctly filled. You really don't need a random generator to predict a winner. It's different with Rabona... you even become a champion that way.

As I said... you see (if you take a closer look) more appearance than reality. Now I could go on and on about the training mode (e.g. TP = Team Player), which cannot be changed or trained, but then I wouldn't be able to stop writing. They even want to change the reward system in the future. So there's more to get out of it for tramps?

Guys, just get goalkeepers in the game (no matter what strength, they'll be nice and cheap in the contract) and show the makers of the game that you won't be fooled. Let's see what other nonsense is packed into the game...

I should explain a little more about the goalkeepers... Every player at Rabona has certain values, which can rise or fall through training. The strength of the position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, attacker) depends on these values.

In this way, you can change the positions (striker to goalkeeper) for a player (by paying a certain fee). The individual values remain the same, only the total value changes because the position-relevant values count 6 times. Now you make a 90 OS striker into a 50 OS goalkeeper, for example. The striker does not need a high GK value (goalkeeper value), whereas a goalkeeper is mainly measured by this value.

However, in the case of a contract extension, a 90 player costs around 80000 RBN per game and a 50 OS player just under 10000 RBN. Only a striker should then also be measured according to his actual positional values and what the team pays him for, just like a goalkeeper. So if actual values are without value, I cannot assume that this game will ever have any true value (for me).

For all those who still haven't had enough of Rabona, here are a few useful links: 1, 2 und 3. Or you can ask the Rabona team: @rondras, @mciszczon and @uwelang.

HiQ's conclusion:

Strong hype and even stronger fall. Not recommended as such at present. ★

By: @thatgermandude


Hivebits is a new Token on hive that everyone can mine with a simple command. The main aspect of the Token is the fair distribution since it can only be obtained through mining or trading.

The new project of @crrdlx is a Token you can mine with the command "!hivebits" once per day. You can put this command into any reply not directed at @hivebits directly. The issuer of the command will get 90% of the reward (0.9HBit) and the one the reply is directed at will get 10%(0.1 HBit). It is totally fine to reply to your own comments to get 100% (1HBit).

There are no concrete plans to reward Token holders. Staking will not be implemented and the only potential use case is an HBit integration into the LUV-Store. As you can see there is not a lot of buying pressure, but for now the focus is the fair distribution of the Token.

One important rule is that the command is meant to be used once per day per person. There is no technical security that prevents mining HBit on multiple accounts, but I urge you to not abuse the mining mechanism.

The market place is quite wild with prices ranging from 0.003 HIVE to 0.12 HIVE these past days. There is not a lot of Volume yet, but LUV started small as well and has become a rather well appreciated Token. ★

By: @quekery, @mary-me & @thatgermandude


Hivestyle news is back again in 2022, even though we're reminiscing so much. So grab a cup of coffee and live here and now. Because we bring you the latest shit.

RL Meetup Vienna on Thursday, 03.02.2022
The ever-popular @manncpt invites you to another Meetup. This time at the Underdog Bar in Vienna's 8th district. You can find more info in his post Caution: Austrian.

25th Virtual DACH Meetup
On Sunday, 6.2.2022 @satren will host the Virtual DACH Meetup on the DACH Discord Server. According to the announcement postCaution: German, the topic will be HBD interest and tracking pixels.

Taxes in dCity at record level
Despite the last update where e.g. the population multiplier was adjusted, the main concern of most dCity players remains the high tax burden. 70-80% tax is now the norm in dCity and the last few days you had to pay a "fair" 100% tax on your SIM income. How could the dream of an anarcho-capitalist utopia end like this? (Editor's note: And @balte will never reach his goal of a socialist dream city this way either. Or will he?). In addition, the SIM holding rewards have been reduced by half. They still do other "tunings" such as the SIM Millionaire Club, but fair trade is different.

Hive documentary
A documentary film about Hive is being made. The proposal has been approved and the professional film people are waiting in the wings. Will we finally have good marketing material for Hive with this film? Or will it again just be something to excite the already enthusiastic? (Editor's note: And what about uuuuuussss?)

Fees, fees, fees
BXT stakeholders and savers have been known to swap their SWAP.HIVE to HIVE and vice versa at Beeswap (Editor's note: When there is enough liquidity for a change.) as they only pay 0.25% fees. Hive Engine is now lowering its fees from 1 % to 0.75 %. However, the fees for ETH and BSC remain at 1 %. Diesel pools are also no longer to remain fee-free. Each transaction will cost 0.25 % in the future. However, this fee will go to the pool operators. This is supposed to happen on 25.02.2022. So pool friends should rather pool something before then. Bee-Hodler may also receive a share of the fees in the future.

Ragnarok: Chess with NFTs.
Chess with Detours or the next big Play-2-Earn game on Hive? The hype is great and the expectations even greater. NFTs are already being presented and airdrops promised, but will we get a proper game?

SPK airdrops incoming
Not only Ragnarok promises juicy airdrops, 3Speak (Editor's note: Or SPK) also promises the same. In the middle of January a snapshot of all hive accounts took place. Your hive and HP at the time of the snapshot are taken into account. This concerns both 3Speak and Ragnarok. However, we will only find out soon when we will be able to collect something. ★

By: @quekery, @thatgermandude & mary-me


Risen from 2021, we're back with Gossip in our luggage. But don't tell anyone that you got it from us, otherwise one will rage, (Editor's note: Who will it be?) so shhhh.

Censorship on the Blockchain.
@arabisouri, a Syrian living in Germany who has been making "propaganda" against the Americans and for the Russians for a long time, has recently been flagged on Hive. Is criticising NATO a no-go on Hive?

Blurt picks up speed
The price of Blurt has risen to 3 cents per coin. Can the Hive clone without downvotes become a competitor for Hive after all? @ctime, who also casts a (micro-)vote on almost every Hive article, has probably single-handedly caused the price to rise to 3 cents which has only fallen to 2 cents so far.

A sack of rice has fallen over in China.
Following the tragedy in which a bag of rice fell from a moving truck last Monday, the Chinese government is promising the population to repair the damage caused and to recover every grain of rice over the next five years.

Oli in da House
@oliverschmid has asked to be reinstated on the DACH Discord server. He was greeted only very cautiously and one Dacherberger even gave him a thumbs down in response to his request. (Editor's note: Reeeeeallyyyyy?) Now the question is whether he was only reinstated because he has so many HBDs in the Savings on his secondary account.

Ehon goes pineapple
█████ % of EGOV's stakeholders believe that pineapples have the absolute right to be on a pizza. Even @thebeardflex is probably convinced of this fact by now. (Editor's note: Shame! 🔔) ★

By: @smooms, @quekery & @mary-me


It seems like an eternity ago, and many won't even remember commenting. We'll help you remember. Let's start the ever-popular comment battle.

Will the real "slim" @balte please stand up?:

Dear @hiq.magazine people,
like for the german version i try a short poem now, in english.
Sorry to all english native speakers if the grammar is wrong😂, its a pathetic one:
There was a time when i was told
a free press is just fine as gold.
So keep moving on with pride,
stand together side by side
publish for readers here on chain
pour no content down the drain.
And at the end, here is some lyrics from Tom Petty for you, the hiq editorial staff
"She said, I dig you, baby, but I got to keep movin' on, keep movin' on"

Roses are red, violets are blue.
The HiQ is at least 50% as cool as you.

@las3rbone pumped with LUV:

Crazy Work!

Crazy work from smartcrazy, stylishcrazy and sexycrazy people... and @satren....

@phusionphil? Where is @phusionphil?

On crossword of the day, embed a PDF file from a service like LBRY. There is a few other services that will allow you to embed files. It would allow users to complete the crossword on screen in the article as if real life.

Great idea. We'll have a look into that in the future. (Editor's note: When our richness is back. But you may also print out the issue with the crossword. You have the first real HiQ Print Issue then. But don't do it. Because copyright, you know? :P)

Have a good day, thanks for this awesome lifestyle magazine.

No YOU have a great day.

A persistent @stdd appeared:

Wow, not a bad read! All in one place and what I needed! Apparently I was looking for you here...

To be fair... EVERYONE is looking for us. (Editor's note: Or should be.)

@katerinhernandez seeks orientation:

"SUB" this topic was entertaining with the super fun and informative interview, I got the crossword right, I want to participate but I don't understand how to send the answer, friends, give me an orientation if possible. !PIZZA

Horizontal... there you go. :P (Editor's note: Just a friendly reminder, subs are for a lifetime [and beyond], muahahahaha.)

@aichanbot the NFT influencer:**

Fun Fact I was supposed to make create awareness about bigtime on tiktok. The video kinda blew up and got 125k views. I think this reach can't be generated with youtube, at least not by small creators like me.
bigtime tiktok video - 125k views

Although TikTok is carcinogenic, we are happy that your TikTok videos are as famous as our HiQ issues. Keep it up.

@shubhwaj is on the right waj:

Cool, I also want to learn about various Hive projects, and those Hivetoshies, that I came to know today, exist. Lol.
Looking forward to read more of your amzing publications and interactions with Hive projects.
Keep Hiving & Showering Love.

Hivetoshies are a brainfart that originated out of our editor's meeting. But when you want to know about Hive projects, HiQ is the place to go. ★

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Wow, this is amazing, packed with lots of information reegarding hive, and my last comment as well, haha.
Earlier I saw this post in german but couldn't understand 😅. I am happy you guys considered also translating it in english. There already is a redearship, me for one. I will definitely take part in MVP, i just hope it's not just reserved for super prominent people.

Thanks for sharing


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