Saturday Night Beer, Blitz Chess, and Splinterlands Mayhem


It's been a while since I posted anything related to chess, though I play every day on the Gameknot app on my phone or, as in this video, directly on my laptop.

Saturday night at home with beers in the fridge, Blitz chess on Gameknot, and a bit of Splinterlands to polish off the evening...

Fancy a game? Challenge me, "hirohurl," any time @

Partying At Home Alone... A Sign of Age?? Or A Sign of the Times?

Maybe it's a sign of age, but when you can entertain yourself at home in this way, it's getting harder and harder for my pals to get me to join them out on the razzle in town these days, though I love to take a chess set into the bars and play all comers, especially in a packed bar on a Saturday night... I play under the handle of #pubchessbluffer because I love nothing more than to whack out a fake-threatening move to freak out my opponent. It would never work in a tournament, but in a heaving and throbbing bar, a bluff often works a treat!

Okay, here's the video, lightly edited and set at 2x speed just in case anybody really wants to sit through it! LOL!

I play under the handle "hirohurl" on Gameknot.

Game 1: naturalcire (1056) vs. hirohurl (1292)

French Defence

Game 2: hirohurl (1292) vs. naturalcire (1056)

Queen's Gambit Accepted

The latter game turned into "Suicide Chess" at the end, enabling the #pubchessbluffer to emerge victorious!

Splinterlands Mayhem before Bed

I then switched to some Splinterlands mayhem to polish off an enjoyable evening...

Game 1: I played the Death element, 17 mana, and lost against a superior Death setup.

Game 2: I played the Water element, 28 mana, and lost against a superior Water setup.

Game 3: I played the Water element, 36 mana, and won against Death.

Game 4: I played the Earth element, 19 mana, and won against Earth.

Game 5: I played the Water element, 33 mana, and lost against a superior Water setup.

Game 6: I played the Water element, 35 mana, and lost against a superior Water setup.

Fairly brutal!

Friday Evening, Much The Same...

It was the second evening in a row that I'd spent in that fashion. The Friday night recording was longer, but I deleted the files from my computer before they'd fully uploaded to Flixier, so I can't download the video from Flixier, but I can link to it.

Here is that link for the masochists among you:

Thinking About A Twitch Channel...

I use a cheap Chromebook to make these videos, but I'm thinking about upgrading my setup and starting a Twitch channel for chess, Splinterlands, and maybe even as an English language and literature teaching channel. Does anybody in the Hive chess community have a Twitch channel? Let us know in the comments. Any feedback about that idea would be welcome.


David Hurley

Fancy having a go at the Hive-based Splinterlands NFT monstor trading and fighting game? Join us here:



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