Building BBH for 20th November 2021 - Spliterlands

My Saturday report of the BBH account. I like this weekly one from my laptop as I can supply a few more detailed screen shots.

I did the weekly price adjustement to the supply price of BBH.

Due to the strength of Hive and the weekness of Bitcoin it was a big change.

16 oct 2021 61443 0.7747 100000000 0.00079
23 oct 2021 60571 0.7681 100000000 0.00079
30 oct 2021 61430 0.7809 100000000 0.00079
6 nov 2021 60995 0.8091 100000000 0.00075
13 nov 2021 63652 0.8134 100000000 0.00078
20 nov 2021 58572 1.08 100000000 0.00054

Now set at 0.00054. And that help fill a buy order for someone. Great stuff.

We now have 219015.14 in circulation with 657 people hold some BBH. Still have 258480 Satoshi so the 1 to 1 ratio is still good for now. More than we need. But you know I am building the value of the BBH account on Hive so in reality 1 BBH should always be above 1 Satoshi now.

Lets look at some screen shots.




And yes I am now doing staking of Splinterhard on Splinterlands to add more valuve to BBH.


Do some math.

Token holdings equals 785.88 USD, BBH Hive account equals 24.22. That is about $810.00.

That is about 1,379,589 SATOSHI = 0.01379589 BTC with only around 219,000 BBH. AWESOME SAUSE.


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