Hello splinterlanders, how are you doing today? Three days to the end of the season. Battles will be getting tougher now because we are getting closer to the end of the season. I believe I can still get more season rewards; it was 16 season rewards when I started today: right now, I got 24 season rewards.
That is incredible for me; and I believe if I can still push forward, Ican get more season rewards before the season ends.
The reason why I got an additional 8 to my season rewards was that I did not lose battles like three days ago.

Nerrissa Tridawn is Epic water monster 👹👾it is one of my favorite monsters in splinterlands. Nerrissa Tridawn did not have any ability, but it can never be underestimated in splinterlands. Its magic attack is like carrying you are carrying an AK-47 gun. An attack from this monster destroys Healths of monsters in battles.
If you look at Nerrissa Tridawn in this battle, it has 4 magic attacks, and that was only monster with 4 magic attacks in this battle. This is to tell you how Nerrissa Tridawn is indispensable in some battles: it a monster you cannot do without in some battles.

If you’re probably searching for a monster to lead a battle, Nerrissa Tridawn is not a monster to lead a battle unless you want to waste it in battle. This is because it does not have any ability to lead battles; it does not have ability to withstand high pressure of attack just like a monster with shield ability that can reduce the melee and range attacks or void ability that could reduce magic attack, or flying ability that could evade melee and range attacks.
The first time I used Nerrissa Tridawn as the first monster in a battle; I regretted using it that very day and I promised myself not to do that again😕😕.
It wasn’t a mistake; it was intentional to use Nerrissa Tridawn because there was no Djinn oshannus to use.

With my experience with this monster: it easily gets affected by affliction and poison abilities. It is not like Djinn oshannus that sometimes it takes two to three rounds before it is afflicted in battles. Most times when monsters with affliction or poison attacked Nerrissa Tridawn, it gets affected easily. This is another reason for the monster to lead the lineup.

The mana of Nerrissa Tridawn is 9, making it difficult to use when small mana is given. You can’t just think of using Nerrissa Tridawn when 25 and below mana is given, unless you are ready to lose the battle. Battles with high mana are very good to use this monster.
The best position that i love this Nerrissa Tridawn is third position. For me, third position is the safest position for the monster. By the time the first and second monsters is killed, I must have also killed a monster in opponent lineup.
The second position is also good but I don’t like to expose this monster to danger since it has no ability to defend: I prefer to use Djinn Oshannus as a second monster or other monsters.
I also like to use Nerrissa Tridawn in the 4th position if the rule did not allow melee monsters to use in the battle, or if i added monster with armor repair or protection; this will give additional armor to all friendly monsters that would make it difficult to eliminate in battles.

Yeah, i regretted it when i used Nerissa Tridawn as the first monster in the battle.
There was a day when my opponent used a monster and summoner with silence ability I battle. It was a battle I can never forget because I could not eliminate one of my opponent’s monsters in that battle; and mistake I made was to use magic attack monsters- all my monsters were magic attack.
Therefore, the highest magic attack was 2 and that was Nerissa Tridwan; the rest were one magic attack because silence monster reduced magic attack by -1 and Thaddius brood was the summoner used by my opponent also reduce all my monsters magic attack by -1.


BRIAR PATCH: All monsters have the thorns’ ability.
☦️With this rule only melee monsters with reflection shield cannot be damaged by thorns ability; all other melee monsters will be destroyed by thorns ability. That was the first monster was a melee monster.



THE KRAKEN: Attention of all opponent monster was drowned by the taunt ability just to make sure it delays for a long time. Delaying opponent monsters was my target; only two monsters water monsters could that for me- the kraken and wave brood. I love the kraken than wave brood because of the melee attack, armor and health. The number of the kraken’s health is more than wave brood.
These advantages over wave brood were the reason for selected the kraken. With all these advantages, the kraken was eliminated in the beginning of the second round; and Djinn oshannus lead the battle.

DJINN SOHANNUS: I never knew that my opponent would use melee monsters in this battle. My thought was that he would magic and ranged monsters, but he used two melee monsters in this battle. These melee monsters were a big trouble to my djinn Oshannus; that was the reason oshannus was quickly eliminated in round three. My plan was that Djinn Oshannus would be eliminated in round four or five.

NERISSA TRIDAWN: the perfect position i love to use this monster is the third position: I mistakenly used Nerrissa tridwan in the second position, the battle would have been 50/50 winning.
The 4-magic attack was a big deal in this battle; that was the opponent’s Nerissa tridwan was eliminated.
Nerissa was able to lead the battle to victory.

AXEMASTER: double strike was very important to me in this battle; you could how the double strike ability helped me to eliminate opponent monsters. The speed was a good advantage in this battle.

WATER ELEMENTAL: Since melee monsters would take two damage when attacking monsters; hence, using melee monsters would not be good because it would easily destroy just like those opponent melee monsters were destroyed. Range monsters was another option to choose. That was the reason I chose two range monsters and water elemental was one of them.

CAPTAIN GHOST: i knew that my opponent would not like to use melee sneak monsters in this battle. Hence, captain ghost is free from attacking by sneaking monsters but not a scattershot monster.
Captain ghost was among the monsters that were not eliminated in this battle.

In conclusion, Nerissa tridawn is a good monster that is a good monster, suitable in some battle rules, and good to use when high mana is given but never good to use in first position.

I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness.
Thank you for reading my post.
Credit to splinterlands for the pictures in this post.