Hello splinterlanders, how are you doing😄😄? I was waiting for the weekly battle challenge today. I knew that it is either it comes out today or tomorrow.
Yesterday was a good day for me, after announcing the new chao legions card some days ago. I got about 8 focus chests yesterday; when I opened all my focus chests, I got one gold foil of Helios Matriarch; It is one of the new chaos legion reward cards with amazing ability.

The summoner allowed the use of one brawl card in battles, that is awesome news for player🆕. After I got the monster, I was excited😂😂 to use it in battles.
After a few minutes I got the opportunity to use it in a battle, just to see how the summoner would give me a chance to use one brawl card. I used the summoner, and I saw it gave the opportunity to use a brawl card in battles.
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Today also, I was trying to get as many focus chests as focus chests; at the end of the battle, I got 8🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 focus chests. I was trying to get more focus chest, but the players I was paired with were very powerful. I was losing more battles beyond my expectations that made me lose motivation of craving for more focus chest.
When I opened my focus chest, I got four reward chaos legion cards, and one pack of chaos legion🎁. When I opened the pack, i got a rare fire summoner (tarsal), chaos knight, riftwing, Mycelic Morphoid and Kulu Swimhunter

⏸️Grunt⏸️ is an Epic Earth monster with three amazing abilities- double strike, trample and cripple.
The level.
The lowest health of ⏸️Grund⏸️ is 10, and the lowest melee is 3. The primary ability of ⏸️Grund⏸️ is double strike- it attacks twice in each round. This ability makes this monster very useful in the first position or when melee monster can attack in any position.
The max level which is level 6 has 13 health, double strike, trample and cripple abilities.
The speed of ⏸️Grund⏸️ is the same from level one to MAX level; the melee of ⏸️Grund⏸️ is 4.
Well! I use level one of Grund in this battle with 3 melee 10 health and double strike⏸️. The market price of level one is very cheap✅, to get more information about the market price got✔️ SPLINTERLANDS MARKET. You will get all the price of the monsters and summoners you want. The price of cards is not stable✔️, it depends on the market price.


Silence summoners: Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any ability.

Heavy Hitters: All monsters have the knockout ability.

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I was waiting for the best rule to use Grund, I did not see in time and I can no longer wait for the rule.
The ruleset I like to use Grund is the Enraged rule; the moment the enrage rule is activated in*** Grund***, it increases the speed and melee to 6. When this monster with 6 melees attacked twice, it damages 12 health from the target.
Therefore, whenever such enrage ruleset is given in a battle; and earth summoners are available, my first choice of monster is Grund. Unfortunately, I could not get the Enrage ruleset which I could share how Grunt is very instrumental.

Another ruleset that suited ***Grund ***is when all melee monsters are to attack in battles such as super sneak rule. Geund can be in any position, attack twice and eliminate monsters.


The Grund: The ability of this monster made it the favorite monster to lead the battle. As we know, Grund cannot attack in any position rather than first position in this battle. If I mistakenly use ⏸️Grund in any position rather than the first position, it would serve as a waste monster in this battle because it won’t be able to attack in any position.
The ⏸️
double attack
of ⏸️Grund monsters was a big advantage to me. With this double attack I knew that
** would attack twice and damage the health and armor of the opponent monster. This is the major reason I selected the monster to lead my attack.

🍥Spirit shaman🍥: The monster was very important to me, I knew that the opponent monster in the first position would be very strong, and the best thing to do was to use monster with stun ability so that the target can skip the next round of the battle.
I knew the ability of 🍥spirit shaman🍥 because I have been using this monster for a long time. I knew the stun ability would surely be activated.
The** divine shield** of 🍥spirit shaman🍥 added advantage to me; despite the lower health of Spirit shaman, I used it in the second position because I knew it would be very hard for the monster to lead the battle: ⏸️Grund⏸️ and 🛑Mycelic Slpispawn🛑 must be first eliminate I this battle. The shield ability would be able to take the first attack without affecting the health.

🛑Mycelic Splipspawn🛑: The Taunt ability was my major reason I selected this monster. Due to the taunt ability, this monster would first be eliminated before opponent monsters with different ability would be activated. In normal circumstance, all opponent monsters should have attacked the ⏸️Grund⏸️ in this battle if there were no 🛑mycelic slipspawn🛑 in this battle; this would have not allowed the Grund to last longer in this battle.
It was only unicorn mustang that was attacking 🛑Mycelic slipspawn🛑 because it was a monster in the first position.
The only reason why all my monsters can be attacked is when scattershot monsters or summoners were used. That was when a taunt ability monster would not be effective in this battle.

🏚️Spirit Hoarder🏚️: 🛑Mycelic splispawn🛑 was not used in the first position; and it was the highest monster with attacked, to keep 🛑mycelic splispawn🛑 alive in the battle, 🏚️Spirit Hoarde🏚️r was necessary because of its triage ability to heal the friendly back-line monsters that has taken the most damage. At each round, *🏚️Spirit Hoarder🏚️ *was healing the health of 🛑mycelic slipspawn🛑 that made opponent monsters destroy it in this battle.

🔶Wood Nymph🔶: Thank heal was very important to make sure that Gund did not eliminate in this battle. It was to protect Grund from elimination in this battle: my only fear was affliction monsters such as Goblin Psychic, Doctor Blight and Captain ghost. I was very conscious about the affliction that my opponent might come up with such a monster.

🐦Screeching Vulture🐦: The Opportunity ability of 🐦Screeching vulture🐦 opportunity ability was very important to attack monsters with lower health in this battle such as such as Hafling alchemist.


I was expecting my opponent to come up with an earth summoner, I was very sure that the opponent would come up, and I was 100% right. He selected Obsidian which gives one additional magic attack to all friendly monsters.
This additional magic attack was one of the things I feared most about this summoner.
At the beginning of the battle, 🗯️Regal Peryton🗯️ started the attack and attacked mycelic slipspawn. I was very happy when the Hafling Alchemist missed the target in the first round, this would have damaged the magic attack of* Mycelic Slipspawn. *
By the end of round two, the opponent’s* Mycelic Splispawn * and *Unicorn Mustang *were eliminated; I was really happy to see that one of my opponent monsters was down.
The moment those two monsters were eliminated; the opponent lineup was exposed and the rest of the monsters could not withstand the pressure.

By the end of the battle, I did not lose any monster.

Yeah, this monster is very important to me in some battles; I can’t do without making use of the monster because of the double strike ability.
Hmmmmm! I don’t need any advice to use this monster because it is always included in my plan.
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come to #splinterlands and enjoy the game that rewards.