Hello splinterlanders and splanderlands lovers around the world. How are you doing today? I have been busy for 2 days that made me not to post in time; I should have posted two days ago😞.
Splinterlands want more players to participate in the contest and that was the reason it was changed from battle weekly challenge to battle mage secrets; probably most of the players would have opportunity to encounter the particular battle rule while playing with other players. That was the reason the brought ‘idea’ of battle mage secrets so that most of the players can participate, explore and know more about the rules of splinterlands game.

I encountered an aimless rule more than seven times since they it was posted as the new challenge. The first time I saw this ruleset summoner in a battle; that was the day I knew that there was a summoner with such ability. I began to wonder why the rule had the ability to attack monsters with camouflage ability.
The next time I saw the battle rule while I was paired with a player, I tried to use monsters with camouflage ability- Doctor Blight and Magi Necrosi. The two monsters were attacked and destroyed😬😬
Therefore, irrespective of the abilities of your monsters, scattershot ability attacks any monsters.

Since then, I began to use different strategies to make sure I win whenever scattershot ruleset is given. Therefore, I came up with the following:
✔️HEALING ABILITY MONSTERS🔶🔶: I used monsters with healing to counter this rule. This is because healing would restore a certain portion of health at the end of the round. This was the major reason I preferred to use monsters with healing.
Note📔: Monsters with increasing health ability can be easily destroyed in this type of battle; only monsters with healing have the ability to withstand the pressure. The first time I used a monster with increased health ability, with just an attack from an opponent’s monster, it was destroyed.
✔️OPTIONAL TO USE MONSTERS WITH TAUNT ABILITY: One of the mistakes I made weeks ago was to use a taunt ability monster while scattershot was given; then I used two monsters with increase health ability and a monster with cleanse ability. At the end of the battle, the three monsters were eliminated in the battle. Therefore, using taunt ability monster is an optional for me; and options depend on the numbers of mana given to me. That is the mana is up to 45 and above, I can use monster with taunt ability because of this monster have higher number of health.

✔️MAGIC MONSTERS WITH VOID ABILITY:🌌 study the rule, check the other rules is very important. There are times not only scattershot is given; it may be given with other rules i the battle. When I was playing my Brawl this afternoon, I was given
Scattershot, Broken arrow and back to basic rule.
In this type of battle, the best way to win is to use magic monsters, because the ‘broken arrow’ has nullified ranged monsters. Therefore, ranged monsters cannot be used and they will not be available for the selection.
The only position where melee monsters can be active and attacked is the first position. Hence, no melee monster can attack in any position again; even if you use sneak or opportunity monsters, they won’t attack because of the ‘basic rule’. Therefore, the best monsters in this battle are magic monsters. This is because they can attack from any position.

✔️MONSTERS WITH HIGH NUMBER OF HEALTH: 🔶🔶This is another strategy I used when scattershot is given. This is because monsters with high number of health take time to eliminate in the battles. Using monsters with 1-3 health in this type of rule, especially when your opponent uses magic attack monsters; such a players may end up losing the battle. This is the reason you need to use monsters with high number of health.


✔️SCATTERSHOT: All monsters have the scattershot ability.

✔️KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Monsters with melee attack may not be used in battles.

click here to watch the battle


✔️DJINN OSHANNUS:⭐⭐ monsters with melee attack could not be used in this battles and ranged monsters could not lead because it won’t attack. Monster with closed range ability can be used as the first monsters.
I understood that my monsters would come with magic monsters as the first monster; and also, the best monster to lead in my lineup is Djinn Oshannus. That was the reason i used djinn oshanus as the only magic monsters in this battle.
Though, I had other magic minsters i could use in this battle such as Ice pixiel, Coral wraith, River Nymph and so on. I knew with just an attack; these monsters would have been eliminated if I used them.

✔️WATER ELEMENTAL:⭐⭐⭐⭐ If I used other monsters aside from water elemental in this battle; my opponent would have been destroyed in this battle. As the opponent’s monsters were attacking water elemental, the monster was also healing itself. This was the reason the monster could not be destroyed in the battle.
Toward the end of the battle, water elemental led the lineup: the healing ability made it impossible to be eliminated by an opponent monster.

✔️MERDHAMPIR:⭐⭐⭐⭐ the leech ability was the major factor here. Life leech monster’s health increases +1 each time it damages an opponent monster’s health. The additional of 1+ health made merdhampir stay longer in this battle. Without this leech ability merdhampir would have been eliminated in the round two of the battle. It was finally eliminated in the third round of the battle.

✔️KULU SWIMHUNTER:⭐⭐⭐ With four mana, I was able to get this monster. I was fascinated by the health of this monster; I knew before that Kulu Swimhunter would last longer in this battle.
Kulu swimhunter’s ranged attack was very helpful in this battle. That was the reason I was able to secure my victory.

In the 6th round when my Djinn Oshannus was left with 1 health and opponent’s Djinn Oshannus was left with 9 health; I began to think negatively because I thought I would lose the battle. By the end of round 6, Djinn oshannus was eliminated. I was left with 2 ranged monsters- Water elemental and Kulu swimhunter. I was lucky that opponent’s Kulu Swimhunter attacked water elemental while my Kulu Swimmhunter attacked opponent’s Kulu Swimhunter which was left with one health and eliminated it. That was how I won the battle.
One of the things that helped my opponent was the armor over all his monsters. If I used magic attack monsters, I would have destroyed some of his monsters with just one attack.

In conclusion, healing ability monsters such as Sea monster, water monster, Flesh golem, Earth Elemental and many more are suitable for me in this type of battle. I also like to use monsters with high number of health because they will take time before they are eliminated.
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