Hello splinterlands players across the world, how are you doing today? The second season for the month of January has been completed. I know players have received their rewards for this season. I am looking forward to seeing what you loot in the past season.

Last season I got a good gold foil card; I was given two packs of chaos legion at the end of the season. I got a gold 2 rare and one summoner. I am saying it again because i was very happy when I opened the chaos cards, I saw those cards.

Today is a good day for me, after i thought that i could never get rewards card up to 30, before the season ended, I was able to get up to 39 rewards chests.
When i wanted to open my season rewards chests, the network was lagging, and i was not able to see all my rewards chests.
I went to my monsters’ collection and saw that I got a reward of Jared scar. Jared scar is a water legendary monster with bloodlust ability. I was very happy to get that Jared scar; I just need one to increase the monster to level 2.

I was also given 2 chaos legion packs, I got general Sloan, 2 goblin psychic and others.

Making use of all your cards in splinterlands is not that easy because you don’t want to lose battles. There are certain cards I don’t like to use, even if they are available all the time.
Players used powerful cards because you don’t how powerful your opponent will be. That is the reason it is difficult to make use of all your cards; and there are cards that do not suit your battles rules. Hence, you don’t make use of cards that are not suitable for the rules.


I realized that you can make you of all your cards effectively if you master the following:

  • The rules: To make use of all your cards effectively, you have to master the rules. Since the rules are very important to the winning. There was a battle I played today. I was giving back to basics, shield ability and supersneak rules in this particular battle. I knew that whatever monsters I selected for this battle would attack; usings range monsters in this battle may not be okay, because if such monsters lead the battle, it might not attack. I selected mele monsters and I made sure I selected melee monsters with high numbers of health and melee. In some cases, I selected magic attack monsters in this type of battle.
    But in a situation where only 'back to basic' rule is given, if you select only monsters with melee monsters when range and Magic monsters are available; believe me, you may lose the battle to your opponent because melee monsters cannot attack in other positions except first position.
    There is a 'back to basic rule' that only melee monsters are available; the best strategy I used since the ability of monsters is not that important. I used melee monsters with armor, I knew that melee monsters would destroy armor before health.
    Most of the ability doesn't work when 'back to basic rule' is given. Therefore, it is not necessary to use monsters with abilities- shield, void, thorns, forcefield, etc.
    Hence, I used monsters with high melee health and monsters with armor.
    What I am saying is that, when you use the right monsters to the right rules; it can give you victory. I had paired up with many players that use ranged attack monsters when the battle rule did not say so; this is a waste of a monster.
    In addition, there was a battle that noxious fume was given; I did not use an immunity monster and I did not use a cleanse ability monster. My opponent used a immunity monster against me. That was how he won the battle.
    Following the rules is very important; it can determine whether you will lose or win the battle.
  • Cards’ abilities: No matter how good you are at mastering the rules, you need monsters with good abilities. If you don't have monsters with good abilities, there are levels you can't reach and there are players you can't beat, unless those players make mistakes.
    If you are playing in the silver league, if you are paired up with a champion league player by chance. I don't think you can win the battle.
    The more powerful your monsters and summoners are, the more chances you have to win battles against players below your level.
    Looking at the splinterlands cards, they higher the cards, they higher the stats. This is the reason the higher cards get higher stats.
  • Strategies: your monsters and summoners selection are very important in winning battles. Wrong selection can make a player in silver league win a player in diamond league. There were times I was paired up with players with higher leagues such as diamonds because of the points I got. Winning against some of those players was lucky for me; I was able to beat some of the players due to mistakes while making decisions on monsters and summoners to use.
    How you select and the positions you use monsters is very important.
    I also believe that network can be a factor; I do have issues where my network doesn’t allow me to submit my battles. It can happen to anyone; in fact, I saw many players without selecting a monster, and I knew it was a network glitch that made them not select monsters.

  • Summoners: summoners are very important in battles. There are summoners that I win by mistakes like zaku, scarred llama mage, with Kron the undying. It is not difficult for me to win. I hardly win against level 1 of zaku even if I am using level 4 of all my monsters.
    Summoners are very crucial; if you have monsters of levels 7 and your summoners are on level 1, the summoner may not be able to carry the monsters.
    Therefore, it is also important to increase the levels of your summoners as you are increasing the level of your monsters.

  • Cards’ names: knowing the cards’ names gives you the stats of the monsters. There are monsters i know very well, I don’t need to wait for 20 seconds to make a decision about them. I know the best rules that suit most of those monsters, I know the best position that suits them most. This is because i know their names.


click here mysterious riftwing on won in noxious fume rule. Alternative monster to win in noxious fume rule.

After I searched all my monsters, there was no immunity monsters and cleanse ability. Only monsters and summoners with four mana or less were available for the battle were. The funniest thing was that, it was only death summoners were available for me.


NOXIOUS FUME: All monsters start the battle poisoned.

LITTLE LEAGUE: Only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in the battle.

MELEE MAYHEEM: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position.


Shadowy Presence: Shadowy presence was among the monsters with highest amount of health. That was the strategy i used in this battle; i used monsters with high amount of health. By the end of round one, my two monsters were eliminated.

Shadow Snitch: It was eliminated in the beginning of round 2 of this battle. Shadow Snitch did not get a chance to attack in the second round but was able to delay.

Riftwing: I did not expect this monster to reach the last round; my aim was to use Xenith monk to attack last. My opponent decided to use sneaky monsters which eliminated Xenith from behind. Then my hope was on shadowy presence since Xenith monk was eliminated; and it was able to lead the battle to victory.

Xenith Monk: Xenith monk had opportunity to attack just once, and was eliminated in round 2 by sneaky monsters.

Venari Bonesmith: the monster was not given a chance to attack. It was the first monster eliminated in the first round.

Doctor Blight: this monster was the reason the crustacean king did not have opportunity to increase the health of the opponent monster in the first position. The first monster in the opponent lineup would have stayed longer than expected in this battle. The camouflage ability of this monster was the reason it was not attacked by two sneaky monsters.

I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness.
Thank you for reading my post.
Credit to splinterlands for the pictures in this post.


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