The Uniqueness Of Splinterlands NFT Game



The Splinterlands game is so fascinating and addictive. I find it hard not to play splinterlands and I was trying to know the reason why it is so difficult to stop playing it for 2 or 3 days.
Before the season ended some days ago, I was trying all my possible means to make sure I am among the top 100 in the silver league; unfortunately that was when I was defeated times without number. I kept on playing to reach the leaderboard, but I couldn't reach it. At the end of the season, I found myself in 236 positions; so awful.
The following are uniqueness that splinterlands
Players keep on going: Since I have been playing splinterlands I have never tired of playing it. The splinterlands team kept on carrying all the players along. From novice to champion, every player keeps on enjoying the game.
When I started this game, I bought a starter pack for $10. I left the game for sometime when I didn't know how to play until I learned the strategies from different articles and splinterlands videos uploaded by players; as I was playing, I was getting more cards and DEC. I was using those DECs to buy more cards.
There were times I reached champions in those days, and I was given 120 loot chests, and there were times I reached Diamond.
The Splinterlands team keeps on carrying everyone along and makes sure the players get exactly what they deserve.
From novice to Bronze, from bronze to silver iii. I kept on playing this game up to this moment and I never get tired of it.

uniqueness of splinterlands NFT game
Splinterlands is a Win-Win situation: I may not know much about the game but with just little experience I have, splinterlands is a win-win situation, the more you invested in it the more profits you get.
I’m a small player, I have never regretted joining splinterlands;I am just focused on playing the game and I kept on getting more cards and DEC. I made my the $10 i bought the starter pack with only two splinterlands post, despite of not knowing how to post very well.
The profits: there are different ways to make profits in splinterlands. There are players who make a lot of money by renting out cards. I was chatting in splinterlands discord server and one player said, "I made 15 thousand DEC in the previous season by renting out my cards".
Splinterlands provided a trading system that players can sell and buy, there are players that have mastered the trading system, they get profits by selling and buying cards.

SPS Airdrop: every splinterlands player received SPS airdrop on daily basis depends on how big you account is, and you can also stake the SPS by making more profits
I also received SPT in my hive-engine, there were times I had more than 15,000 SPT in my hive-engine. Actually, it is not everytime I make a splinterlands post I do receive SPT. Players also get DEC by playing.

Dynamisms of the game: recently I read about game economy and reward, and chao Legion presale. All these updates make the game unique. Splinterlands teams kept on bringing update and development that make players to dive into it. For instance, I am preparing for the Chao Legion, because I want to buy packs so that my account can get bigger and also receive airdrops. So many players are getting set for it.

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Stampede: The trampled Ability can trigger multiple per attack if the trampled monster is killed
Up Close and Personal: Only Monsters with melee attack may be used in battles


Living Lava: since only melee monsters are given according to the rule; I decided to select living lava as the first monster. My opponent had good monsters but made a little mistake, he would have selected melee monsters with sneaky and Opportunity abilities that would have been fighting along with his first monster.
It was only the first monster in my opponent's lineup that was attacking while four of my monsters were attacking.
The living Lava was to delay, since it has shield ability that can withstand melee and range attacks.

Fineas Rage: Fineas Rage speed was one of the reasons for choosing it as the second monster.
There's no better position for this monster than second position because of the reach ability. Monster with reach ability can only be effective in second position except in exceptional rules that allow monsters to fight in any position.
Another thing was the health, I am well sure that if living lava is eliminated, Fineas Rage would still be able to lead.

Sandworm: what a spectacular monster with 6 melee attacks. This 6 melee always intrigues me to use it. It will take some monsters 5 times to destroy chain golem; it took only 3 times to destroy chain golem.
In this battle, every attack by sandworm damages 6 health from the target.

Serpentine Spy: the opportunity ability is the criteria for choosing it.
That was the reason, serpentine spy was finishing the work that other monsters had not completed. When the chain golem was left with 2 Health, serpentine eliminated it completely; when phantasm was left with 2 health, serpentine spy eliminated it; when Pelacor Deceiver was left with 2 health and Fineas Rage missed the target, it was serpentine that eliminated it. This ability to attack monsters that have small Health in battles makes me to used it.

Creeping Ooze: reduce the speed of opponent monsters so that my monsters can have Opportunity to attack first.

Molten Ogre: The reason I used it as the last monster was to delay sneaky monster like a sandworm. I knew sandworm would be very effective in this battle, therefore there is a need for me to delay Sandworm from destroying all my monsters.
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