Finally Opening A Legendary


Watch as a man gets extremely excited, then ever so slightly disappointed only to then be overjoyed in the space of 30 seconds, enjoy!


After more than seven months of grinding (almost) every single day, I have finally
been rewarded by a beautiful Legendary, I will pursue the grind, and will one day make it into diamond with my deck that, is a promise.

Obvisouly there have been ups and downs, and it's been hard to stay focused on playing every day and make sure I can have a deck that is reasonable to play and also buy for CP for investment purposes etc. I'm deep into the eco-system and I plan to stay for the long haul, keep reinvesting, hopefully keep getting rewarded for my Time & Attention ey? ;)

me on chair.png
Here's a little illustration I did of me not too long ago!

HoboTortoise Out!


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