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We Are Still So Early In Bitcoin by @johnwege


One of most common things that people heavily into the cryptocurrency do, is that we often go so deep down the crypto rabbit-hole and then assume that most people are just like us. Seeing the world exactly how we see it. How could they not be? They should clearly be able to see the unprecedented amount of inflation that is happening around the world, which will cause their life saving's purchasing power to drastically decrease.

They should should easily be able to see that governments controlling the money and its creation often only leads to bad things. That bitcoin is obviously the answer to those problems, and the hardest money we have seen to date. As the famous phrase goes, "fix the money, fix the world." Not only that, but also that ethereum would allow us to own portions of the internet and services we use, own our identities in the metaverse and allowing us to become bankless. For those of us that took the crypto red-pill, our world view has been completely changed and their is no going back.

When anybody asks me what the fate of crypto is, I ask them what the fate of fiat is. There they have their answers if they are being logical and real. This author shares his opinion on the evolution of technology as regards crypto, many people out there still doubt the future of crypto. This author is convinced, are you?


HIVE At $5 In Less Than Five Years A Possibility by @reeta0119


For those who don't know about KPMG, I would to mention that its one of the big four accounting companies. They have invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum and this is great news because it shows that accounting companies are also interested in crypto. I know more about KMPG because a few of my neighbours and even one friend is working in this company.

I was saying this the other day, quite contrary to how most of us expect it’ll be, crypto won’t go to meet people, people will go to meet crypto, crypto doesn’t need people, people need crypto, contestable, but you get my point. In this post the author shares thoughts about the benefit of such interests.


Close to have 25k SPS & future plans with SPS by @alokkumar121


Since the day from the SPS airdrop was started, I have been accumulating all the tokens and did not sell to book profit. Its not that I don't like to book profit but I like to have bigger assets holding on splinterlands. Its a free token for me that I can sell and book profit but I believe that SPS has a bright future and its the right time to accumulate more. Sometimes a right plan with free money turns out to be great and I expect that this will go the same way in the long run. I have earned voucher tokens that helped me to buy chaos legion packs.

This author shares his experiences while trying to get the best of his Splinterlands stacks and position himself for handsome rewards in the future. I do this too, brainstorm every morning about what action is best to take. We all should


Lonely Ape Dating Club - Helping Bored Ape Owners... Find Love? by @l33m45732


Lonely Ape Dating Club
I don't remember where I saw this get mentioned, probably on Twitter. So much happened yesterday for me that it's almost a blur. I saw the name "Lonely Ape Dating Club" and immediately thought this was yet another monkey JPEG project like Bored Ape Yacht Club. Boy was I wrong. It may, in fact, be worse than that. This is a dating app like Tinder or whatever other popular one you can think of. The difference with this one is that in order to use the app, you have to own one of those highly-sought-after Bored Ape NFTs

Behind all the jokes, this is quite an interesting use case for NFT, see, in future, digital identity will be of more importance than it presently is. This is just one of the ways some NFT’s will make digital identities a big deal. Heh. Who knows, you might just be able to have access to your crush if you own the same NFT’s.




The cryptosphere since it’s advent has not been void when it comes to activities affecting the financial world at large . As days go and come by different giant strides are being made by crypto proponents all around the world in a bid to further cement the hand and footprints of cryptocurrency in the sands of time. This article will be placing major focus on Binance as it recently just made history by placing a $200M stake in Forbes , a global media company focused on business, investing , technology, entrepreneurship ,leadership and lifestyle.

I see this move as a big leap for crypto in general, sometimes this is where a bit of centralization helps, marketing, it’s hard to do marketing right in a decentralized ecosystem, if this type of stunt were to be done in a decentralized ecosystem there would have been a ton of disagreement on whether or not to put $200m on the table for such. Just my opinion though.


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