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Helpful ways to improve your finances. by @gbenga


There are basically two categories of people when it comes to money-related issues, you either belong to the category of people who are making money or you belong to the category of people who are spending money. Money is no respecter of your emotions or feelings, it is either you have it or you don’t have it.

You either have it or you don’t, here are some tips to help you do better with your finances. Sometimes all it takes it some mindful exercise.


Leo On Goldman Sachs Frontpage by @bagofincome


Just a couple of years ago nobody would believe Goldman Sachs will have their entire website redesigned to look like a crypto site. When you visit, the first page is all about digitalization starting from cryptocurrencies to the metaverse and trends that are reshaping economies. Where is Leo, you'll ask?

Oh, this writer is such in a hurry, but it’s not unfounded, give leofinance few more years, GoldmanSachs will be lucky to have Leofinance on their front page.


So I Joined a Splinterlands Guild and am Discovering its Benefits by @kevinnag58


Well, I have been playing (and greatly enjoying) Splinterlands for about eight months now and thankfully have greatly improved upon my gameplay from those first days. While not yet fantastic, at least now my monthly statistics are presentable. For several months I have been attempting to join a Guild and finally, last week, I joined Goat Monsters.

I'm very happy to be a member of this Guild and have already started supporting it financially by donating to buildings. I've been poking around everywhere within the Goat Monsters web pages and likewise have been doing some research on what benefits I can expect by being a member of this fine Guild.

This author shares his experience being in a Guild, guilds are super cool interesting department in Splinterlands that many sleep on. But there are cool benefits, you might want to check this post to find out.


Crypto as a reference in your CV? by @handtalk5


Part of my job is recruiting and expanding our team. I am reviewing CVs on a daily basis and have seen the weirdest things. People still seem to think I am interested in their hobbies when deciding whether or not to invite them for a job interview. Don't get me wrong, I am interested in you as a person when we get to know each other - but that is after I have decided whether or not I am interested in your skills in the first place.

I can totally relate with this post, for someone who has lived on crypto for 4 years, I can imagine how shitty my cv will look. If you’re like me this post my give you a lift up.


Marketing Is A Lifestyle, Not A Diet - PolyCUB by @finguru


I am a fan of great marketing and I know it when I see it. I also understand how much effort, money, and creativity are required to market even the best of products and services. This is what I have done in the last 5 years of my life. The Crypto world is so dynamic, there are thousands of DeFi applications out there. PolyCUB is one of its kind and probably one of the most exciting DeFi products released in 2022. We are only a few weeks into the airdrop and there's still so much time left for everyone to take advantage of this situation. But why would anyone do that if they don't know anything about it? Also, how do we get more outside attention and capital to PolyCUB in order to grow TVL and add onto the Protocol Owned Liquidity? The answer is simple - Consistent Marketing!

Have you seen Polycub? Have you told your friends? Have they told their friends? What are you waiting for?


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Notice many "new users" on Hive? Not many, like this place is a disease. No outside communities bringing in new comers. No other sites having many links or no links to any articles from Hive on sites that show professional interests they view as noteworthy to a profession or hobby. Hive articeles are rare on Wouldnt people post on with links to their articles attracting their own new following and groups? No crypto forums acknowledge Hive exists as a place to be either. Ever seen a person asking for support show a way to give support with HIVE listed as a supporting wallet address? Is there a world address on Hive for countries made more unfortunate because of Hive? Would a large Hive holder or large earner of Hive donate a LARGE amount of Hive to help support Ukraine? What? Support something thing that could attract unwanted media attention? Nothing to see here......I dont get out much though.

People are hiding exposure to Hive. People either play dumb, could be scared or intimidated, mislead or dont beilieve it. Maybe just not electronically cultured enough to know. Who knows. Its mostly fake with fake attention paid for by people with ill intentions as many do gloating in their own groups special mindset. Such a small town here to support this kind of high pay. Who is buying Hive tokens with no notable new user base coming in? People trying to buy this place as a grooming ground on the sly. Articles that arent in the interests of their own goals and views dont get much attention. I dont see many high paid articles I would put on a real news sites or link to as noteworthy. Be part of one of their groups and they groom you. They buy comment and article writers in ways that keep their lies hidden. Here to take our FREEDOMS completely in treason as the sacks of shit they are.

Most interest groups and businesses have discord rooms on the side because they wont talk here or more able to teach views there to shill out of public view. They can do odd stuff to you in discord rooms they cant do here. I’ve seen people get mugged and shaken down in discords, be careful while visiting new discords, even if they are a business. They shut down the discord room along with all of the evidence of their crimes the group around @fyrstikken and his discord server @steemspeak. They also hide behind skirts there while on the creep like they do in the new ones they are in.

The operators doing V2K with remote neural monitoring want me to believe this lady @battleaxe is an operator. She is involved in the same discord groups around @fyrstikken and friends. Her discord is Battleaxe#1003. Shes in some groups with seemingly detached characters that dont even acknowledge the others in the group, looking oddly staged. She starts projects and does nothing with it or the delegations after its used to sway people. Like @steempowertwins does<------fake along with her @teamgood <------fake. No substance in her comments and has a following that adores her for what? Life coach she is not nor is she insightful with any meaningful skills to follow. Ruler of pixie dust maybe? I would like for someone to show me but probably wont out fear maybe? @fyrstikken groups around him down voted me into censored and not viewable on my accounts as soon I told what they were doing.

I cant prove @battleaxe is the one directly doing the V2K and RNM. Doing it requires more than one person at the least. It cant be done alone. She cant prove she is not one of the ones doing V2K because she cant and could care less. I guarantee she knows this is going around and still wont prove it because she cant. Many of us here can prove what they have been doing to survive the past 5 years. What does she live off of? It definitely isnt in public view here.

I was drugged in my home covertly, it ended badly. They have been trying to kill me using RNM with applied V2K mental games while revealing as many accessories to the crime as they can. I bet nobody does anything at all. Ask @battleaxe to prove it. I bet she wont. Pretty serious accusations to just blow off and leave the crypto community hanging in fear of this danger.

They want me to believe the V2K and RNM in me is being broadcast from her location. And what the fuck is "HOMELAND SECURITY" doing about this shit? I think stumbling over their own dicks maybe? Just like they did and are doing with the Havana Syndrome. They should start by looking at the communications between the top witnesses of Hive and the connection to @fyrstikken groups. Google his fucking name and see where his other interests lie around at least once maybe? The connections between @fyrstikken groups and all the exchanges built for Hive? Bet that would reveal some crazy ball less nutty shit. Homeland security should start preparing for their own incarcerations seeing how sloppy this was done. Patriot act my ass. Think we are really fools? Bad position your not getting out of. Dont be last to blow the whistle. Who will protect you?

People in and around @fyrstikkens groups are reckless and should have shown the proper media what they had before taking me hostage for 5 long torturing years and counting. That is a long time to wait for someone to die.

What would you say while having a gun pointed at your head from an undisclosed location? Have people find it? My hands are tied while they play like children with a gun to my head. Its a terrorist act on American soil while some yawn and say its not real or Im a mental case. Many know its real. This is an ignored detrimental to humanity domestic threat. Ask informed soldiers in the American military what their oath is and why nothing is being done. Nobody has I guess. Maybe someone told ill informed soldiers they cant protect America from military leaders in control that have ill intent. How do we protect locked up soldiers prevented from telling the truth from being treated as criminals? Not to mention civilians we let our leaders treat the same way.


Thanks for your support!

Wow, entirely living on crypto may sound like a dream come true for a lot of Hivers but I can imagine the difficulties you are facing each day.