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Claimed my Manna 1.0 Airdrop | My experiences with Manna 2.0 by @bala41288


Mannabase was a project that was created about 4 years ago. If I vaguely remember, when I was hunting for airdrops and giveaways, I came to know about Manna coin. The basic idea of Manna was to give Universal basic income to every individual. It started off really well. I signed up and started getting some coins for free. I used to collect them regularly back then. I did not know what value it would be creating or the overall concept of giving Universal basic income would succeed.

If the name Mana rings a bell to you, you may have signed up for a Manabase airdrop a couple of years ago and registered with your email. Well, it’s my pleasure to let you know that your dish is ready and airdrop is waiting to be claimed. Might want to see this authors post on how to do it.


Splintershards airdrop, easy money! by @pele23


While everybody is still talking about Polycub and XPolycub, we would loose eyesight on the extreme opportunity there still is going on with Splinterlands.
And no pun intended with Polycub, it is a great opportunity to profit from DeFi2.0. The airdrop of Splintershards is still also a great way to make money.
Just having Splinterlands cards, Dark Energy Crystals or SPT tokens is enough to get an airdrop daily of Splintershards, the new native token of Splinterlands.
Which is at a stable value right now of around 0.11 $. I have a decent amount of DEC and some cards which bring me a daily return of just shy of 4 SPS. Those I stake, because these give you a daily return too, just less of 29 % right now.
If that isn't easy money, well, then I am probably a moron. But hé, it is up to you to decide on that.

Lol, easiest money indeed, this is what I’ll call making money while making money while making money, another one, easy, buy packs of Splinterlands cards, hold it out till it’s sold out on internal market, sell for higher price on external market, farm sps airdrop while holding. Easy peezy, check out the post for more juicy info like this.


PolyCUB Is On Its Way To Become A Big Brand. Coming Soon PolyCUB Will Be Everywhere. by @rtonline


PolyCUB has had an unbelievably great start this week. It has started to be listed on crypto platforms and interviews are being made. There is an incredible increase in marketing. PolyCUB is on its way to becoming a big brand, and it looks like PolyCUB will be everywhere soon.

PolyCUB is listed on many platforms like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CoinStats, Debank, APYVision, Nomics and more. These listings happened this week and will list more platforms in the coming days.

Reminds me of some wise words I read from someone here, marketing will be done by the applications themselves, and it’s a lovely sight to see how the ones carrying the mantle are doing a great job. Hive to world!


Bored Ape Yacht Club Token: Aping On Some $Ape by @readthisplease


Been a long time I have written a bored ape yacht club NFT post. Today seems like a great day to write one. I have been admiring the bored ape yacht club NFT from far because it’s very expensive. You won’t blame the NFT, it’s worth the price, the NFT is giving the vibe of being an NFT for the elites. Having a bored ape NFT is one of the coolest flex to have right now in the crypto community.

This post was so enjoyable to read, it felt like I was in on the action the whole time. This is how crazy one can feel about these NFT’s, it’s why many of them have some value attached directly to the prestige of owning one alone. Interesting story you should read.


The born hustlers and their mentality by @attentionneeded


In Nigeria, when you hear some policies that the government bring or make, you just feel like they themselves are against the country from prospering and they are against the youth from making it or living well in the country. But despite the hardship and poor government, the Nigerian youths still find way to smile and move on because they don’t depend on the government but their own hustle and ability to survive.

While it is true that this sort of situation is more prevalent in Nigeria, it is interesting how it is the same in most other places, especially since COVID hit, loads of people have found themselves in crypto and are helping their families,..Crypto can really change the world.


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