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Splinterlands: The Economy Of Good, Bad & Worthwhile Choices. by @josediccus


he splinterlands economy is very vast, this means that people are allowed to be vested in different money making aspect and this sorts of defines the priority of people who are either in for the thrill or in for the money. Most times, it's often one priority that defines what a person channels money into be it buying more DEC to earn SPS or building the ultimate deck to compete and for rentals.

Take a lot at the Social aspects of Splinterlands, it's become a sort of user's manual, guide and retention. Without the main blogging aspect of hive, it would be difficult for people learn. This means that "Hive the blogosphere" has been beneficial to splinterlands, as much as it has to "Hive the blockchain"

It is better if we get used to the phrase that Splinterlands Economy as the GameFi / Play2Earn concept itself is adaptable to generate an income model for the players. When it comes to Splinterlands and monetary side of the game, I believe the bull-run and the Lands will take the game to another level.

Each time I earn DEC token and I receive NFT cards as rewards, I feel sad for those who are unaware of the potential of this game. Buy, Play, Rent and enjoy while earning. It's like a dream for people like me 🎮




The banking system right now is a mess in my opinion and it adds little to no value to its customer and you have to ask yourself as someone who is financially literate “what do I stand to gain from having a bank account”.

Well, crazy enough I still feel like the banking system would survive for a few years more or even longer than that because a lot of people are not knowledgeable about other alternatives to use and most people would always be drawn towards the things they understand.
So even with the major hiccups in the banking system, it wouldn’t be dying out anytime soon.

The existing banking system cannot catch up with the speed of today's life conditions. I'm quite bothered with the banks shutting down their doors at 5 p.m. Although digital banking system is getting better, there is still way to go for them IMHO.

What I think about the future of the banks is that the way XRP is supported and prioritized by some parties will be the new system of banking to great extent. Having their own intra-blockchain and tokens, they will be eager to play their middle-man role in the future, as well.


Centralized Exchanges: A Part of the System? by @empress-eremmy


The one that I recently found out though (because I have not experienced it), is that these exchanges have been freezing users accounts for indefinite periods for one reason or the other. Coinbase I hear is the biggest culprit followed by Binance. Of course 'suspicious activities' are always the excuse for taking such actions, but it baffles me how much such a move is in sharp contrast to what the premise of blockchain technology stands for.

No doubt, fraud and money laundering are major causes for concern on the blockchain. Yet, is this the best way to tackle such an issue? I was hoping that we'd have more sophisticated ways of fighting cybercrime with a sophisticated technology like this, but it doesn't seem the exchanges are as committed to improving technology as they are to making profits.

The CEXs are, of course, worried about their future as the decentralizated mindset is the major motive for millions of crypto investors. Although the DEXs are evolutionary in my eyes, I also believe that CEXs should also have their position in the growing crypto ecosystem to serve people if they choose to use their services.

The Exchange tokens and the semi-centralized blockchains by CEXs (e.g, BSC) can be other alternatives if some crypto lovers want to have some people to contact in case of necessity. Other than that, they may also be needed for regulations to negotiate with governments 💁🏼‍♂️


Convert HIVE to HBD - Exploring the Best options - Tribaldex, Leodex, Blocktrades, BeeSwap - Which one to go for? by @gungunkrishu


One thing that was common in this experiment was to see which is the best option amongst the FOUR different platforms that would fetch you more HBD. Is that, I swapped 70 HIVE at the market price to see where I'm getting more HBD for exchanging 70 HIVE...

it's BeeSwap that gets you more HBD for swapping HIVE. Therefore, I exchanged all the 70 HIVE for HBD via the BeeSwap portal and then leveraged Hive-engine to get the SWAP.HBD out to my HIVE account. I'll continue to do the same until, I reach my GOAL of - Plan to $10K HBD In Savings & Earn 12% APR.

In Hive ecosystem, we are hosting several options for swaps and trades as you know very well. However, sometimes the spread can be a bit wide for users to exchange their tokens by using these service providers. Here the author runs a nice experiment to find out the best service provider to swap 70 Hive for HBD. As a result, Beeswap is found to be the one with less reduction in the received HBD.

I'm using most of the exchanges and De-Fi products of Hive both to support their growth and make swaps as I wish. De-Fi will be the next branch of Hive that will be stunning! I adore watching the growth of De-Fi concepts in our ecosystem 🤤


Binance And GameFi (IGO) ... by @acikgoz


With the growth of the game industry, a special sales platform has started to emerge. You may have heard of ICOs and then IDOs for the sales of blockchain projects. Now, game-specific sales platforms, Initial Game Offering (IGO), have started to form…

IGO is the initial offering of games developed using Blockchain technology. The difference from other IDO and ICO is that it is a platform specific to the sale of blockchain games. With IGO, game parts such as in-game themes, special privileges, in-game characters, NFT assets are included in the process.

It is the first time that I see the IGO concept thanks to the author. As it's seen, the Initial Game Offerings will be one of the top trend in 2022 and 2023 seasons in which we will see many top games adapting themselves to NFT and crypto utilities by running either their own blockchains or using , most probably, Ethereum L2 solutions.

With IGOs, many gamers can get advantages to grow their in-game assets with their initial investments. Meanwhile, the gaming projects can get early investment to spend for further development. I believe it is a great win-win case for both sides.


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Thank you for the curation. Basically you're right about Splinterlands and the opportunity to slowly earn DEC and all, the ability to earn slowly and work one's way up is really amazing


Thanks for your insight dear ^^

I totally agree with the idea of Splinterlands economy <3