Battle Mage Secrets: Aimless in the Splinterlands


AIMLESS: image.png

All monsters have the Scattershot ability.

The Scattershot ability is quite an interesting one as it randomises where attacks can land for the ranged monsters. Believe it or not, there is more strategy to it than initially meets the eye. Void Armour can be quite pivotal as it can be used to block magical attacks which typically can slow the battle down tremendously.


In today's battle, I encounter Void Armour and talk you through my strategy to achieve victory.

The Rule Set of today's battle is:

My project-1.png


Aimless: Applies Scattershot to all on the battlefield

Odd Ones Out: Allows the use of only odd mana cards.


Line Up:



The first step for me is to use a summoner that helps negate Void Armour. While there are options to reduce armour, Shatter is an excellent ability which removes armour in a single hit. The secondary reason for using Immortalis is Void. By using this ability, I can reducing the amount of damage my opponent can use to hurt my lineup.

Pelacor Mercenary


With flying and a good pool of health, I am hopeful that the Pelacor Mercenary is able to dodge a few attacks and survive a few rounds, particularly with the added benefit of the Void and Shatter abilities. With 3 damage in the front line, I am confident this is a pretty decent attack and the 9 health is certainly a good benefit to any tank.

Mycelic Slipspawn

Mycelic Slipspawn_lv2.png

While the Taunt will not be effective in this battle, I wanted a magical monster with good health which would be able to survive and trade blows. So up steps the Mycelic Slipspawn with 2 damage and 11 health. A strong card and while the Taunt is not used, I'd still expect this card to be an important one in my second position.



The Disintegrator is an excellent card but is perhaps not the most suited to this battle. I was looking for a card to reduce melee damage as while the focus is on the random damage, I did not want a melee monster rampaging through my frontline. Generally a strong card and it does help to reduce melee damage which now gives me a bonus against two types of incoming damage.

Regal Peryton

Regal Peryton_lv2.png

A very fast attacker and hopefully will encourage misses from the opponent. High speed and 6 health for a 5 mana monster is great. A welcome addition to the lineup as it should hit first and remove some armour from someone on the opposing side before my other attacks can chip straight at their health.

Gargoya Devil

Gargoya Devil_lv2.png

I selected this card for its armour. While it does not have much, it should be enough to absord a ranged attack and its 3 health combined with Immortalis should allow it to survive a couple of attacks from my opponent's line up.

Vampiric Blossom

Vampiric Blossom_lv2.png

2 damage and double damage against opposing monsters with zero attack through the Oppress ability. I expect this card to shine a little with its 3 speed and 4 health, it should survive long enough to get a few shots in and its speed is high enough to hit most of them. I'd love to see Oppress in action today as it is quite a rarely used ability.

Thaddius Brood

Thaddius Brood_lv2.png

Reducing magic damage is a good strategy as magic poses a serious threat and a quick way to end a lineup if you do not plan for it.

Pelacor Deceiver

Pelacor Deceiver_lv3.png

Similar to my own choice just with slightly less damage and more speed. A good choice and should make an interesting contest against the Mercenary.

Legionnaire Alvar

Legionnaire Alvar_lv1.png

The first card with Void Armour. This is where I hope my selection with Immortallis comes to shine. With 8 armour, I hope to have that down at zero pretty quickly due to Shatter and this follow up on the health. I am hoping the opponent does not use a Repair monster at this stage as that may slow my Shatter plan down.

Silent Sha-vi

Silent Sha-vi_lv3.png

A solid choice of car. 3 melee damage and 4 speed makes this a strong card and one I'd expect to attack as one of their first in the lineup. I do not expect it to be too big a threat as it lacks armour.

Dhampir Stalker

Dhampir Stalker_lv2.png

With True Strike, the Stalker is a threat to my fast line up. With complete accuracy, every target will meet its mark and this makes this rather expensive 7 mana card worth it in a battle such as this. As a ranged attacker, it carries the only damage type which I do not have a bonus against which means it will be a threat to take down sooner rather than later, assuming luck is on my side.

Lira The Dark

Lira the Dark_lv1.png

A very fast card and underrated in my opinion. I say that, it is one of the legendaries on my missing 1 BCX list. With the ability to ground Flying monsters and a damage type which I am relatively unprotected against, I may find this card one of those to dispose of quickly if I am to ensure victory.

Djinn Muirat

Djinn Muirat_lv1.png

Another Void Armoured monster but this time Djinn Muirat is a threat from deep in enemy lines. The good news though, this card is dealing magic damage and Immortallis will reduce that damage by half. With this as their final monster, there will be no repair for their armour which bodes well for my lineup.


The Battle:

Battle Link

Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


Round 5:


Round 6:




Void Armour is tricky to get around and Shatter is a great counter to this. The fun part of this battle though was really the addition of Scattershot's Aimless ruleset which made things a bit more interesting.

Having got the first attack out of the gate on the Djinn Muirat, it made things a little easier to take them down early. Overall, if you haven't tried using Shatter with Immortallis, I'd highly recommend it.

My opponent picked a pretty strong line up and their damage types and armour made things interesting.

Would you have done something differently?


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Splinter Element Icons taken from Splinterlands
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