Splinterlands Daily Quest Stream Replay - November 1, 2021

Hi everyone! Today's quest was a sneak quest, and the DEC rewards were quite tasty indeed! Some lucky viewers got away with hundreds of DEC just for jumping onto my twitch stream and participating in chat and typing a single, simple command.

I've been streaming my daily quest live on Twitch for over 20 days in a row now, and I'm having more and more fun each day doing it!

Certainly doesn't feel ike I'm playing Splinterlands unless I have an audience!

In today's stream (in case you missed it!) I unveiled a give away of a PHYSICAL Promotional Card featuring an Angel of Light.

In order for this giveaway to proceed, there'll need to be 150K beards (channel points) contributed in order for people to get their hands on it. The giveaway for this will be a special stream that I'll schedule in closer to the goal being achieved - you won't want to miss the live event!

Thanks for your support and company on twitch as I stream these daily quests!

You can follow me over on twitch at here.