Splinterlands Daily Stream Quest Replay - October 17, 2021

Today I was given the splinter I dislike the most as my quest - water. It isn't that they are a bad Splinter - or difficult to play, it is just that I do not know how to play them, at all - which leads to me making some bad choices.

Prior to starting the recording, I was lucky enough to actually beat the legendary byz in a battle - but they returned the favour, dispatching me in some brutal, cat swipe like strokes shortly thereafter.

For my upcoming, and future streams, I've built a brand new overlay, which will get its first exposure to the wild in tomorrow's stream, which will be EARLY, because I have work - and not much time in the mornings when my daily quest refreshes - so if I don't get it done in the morning on weekdays, I won't get it done!

There's been some whisperings that the @mattclarke, keeper of the Flesh Golems may attempt to come round to my house some time this week for a special extra bonus, extra friendly special Splinterlands live stream!

Keep an eye out, we'll let you know what we plan! (And we'll try to not make it clash the AMA!)

Chaos Legions are so close now, and the daily teasers on the socials of @splnterlands are awesome.

There's never been a better time to play the game!