Your Fire cant Touch my Arrows!

Hello everyone!

WOO, these animations ARE fire! Thanks, @Shadow346, for the tip!

Thank you, @Steemmonsters and @Splinterlands, for the opportunity to earn some HBD and Hive.


This week's theme is Dragons!

The image brought to you by Asus, Republic of Gamers.

Now follow me to witness the destruction of a dragon!

I started my battle like any other battle. Judging by the battle modifications of divine shield and earthquake, I knew I should use Vera Salacia to snare my opponents to the ground! Especially any pesky flying dragons.

My lineup was then chosen as pictured.


I chose some low mana characters because I need more attacks than a heavy hitter to get past the divine shield.

I first selected a flying pixie because why not? With the high speed and low mana, she can dodge many basic attacks, attack quickly, and she has the flying ability, so no earthquake for me!

My second positioning was a Sneak Ability Pelacor Bandit who also has the flying ability. This way, I have an opportunity to attack the opposing backline.

Now my 3rd pick was the superstar!

This Lvl 4 Gargoya Devil with the flying, close combat, and the deathblow abilities is a deadly adversary to anyone left remaining alone on the enemy team.

And finally, my best friend, the Furious Chicken. My little fodder guy for the end of my backline to protect my Gargoya Devil.

The opponent comes in with a furious chicken up front, followed by a Diamond Dragon, and finishes up with a goblin fireballer. Not that good of a matchup considering only 1 of the 3 monsters chosen is a flying type.

That Diamond Dragon is a formidable foe, with the slow ability, a huge shield, and a hefty magic attack that bypasses any shield.

Anyways, with the introductions all finished up, let us get on with the battle!

Round 1 was as expected, the diamond dragon gets the first hit on my pixie due to the slow effect on my team, which is negated by the divine, and following that is a series of negated attacks thanks to divine shield. My bandit attacks the goblin fireballer with no damage. My pixie attacks the chicken, no damage. My Gargoya devil finished off the chicken, and the round ends with a miss from Goblin Fireballer on my pixie, phew!

The enemy team is bombarded with the earthquake, seeing only the goblin archer take 2 damage and my chicken taking 0 due to divine shield.


With that, the second round is underway! It starts off similarly to the first, with the diamond dragon finishing off my poor pixie. OUCH!

This causes my Bandit to move forward and not finish off the goblin fireballer! But he manages to get one hit off on diamond dragon and thus snaring it! After which, the following was a 3 damage hit from my Gargoya. The round finished off with Goblin fireballer missing my Pelacor and dying from the earthquake.

This time, that elusive dragon took 2 damage as well.

This is the start of the 3rd round.


Things ARE looking better for me, but at this time, I did not have much hope.... that is until my Gargoya devil surprised me following a brief exchange between my bandit and my opponent's dragon. 2 damage to my pelacor and 1 shield damage to the Dragon, followed by a MASSIVE 6 damage to the Dragon, absolutely destroying the remaining shield.

That concludes the round, and the dragon takes a 2 damage hit to its health due to earthquake. My chicken dies :(

Once the dust settles, the 4th round begins... This is all that remains.....


Time to finish off this silly dragon. DD gets a hit on my Pelacor, taking him down to one health. He retaliates with a 1 damage hit to DD.

Gargoya gets his revenge with a BOOOOM!


And just like that, the battle is over. Proving to all that you don't need to be a hero to slay a dragon. Sometimes it takes having a special ability....almost like a hero...... okay, I guess you have to be smart or something... I don't know, but either way, that dragon is dead, and the village is saved!!! HOORAY!


Thanks all for tuning in!

Just to let you know, I don't hate dragons.. Only when I'm going up against them!!

See you next time!!