A crazy few days in the Splinterlands rental market - high returns for Ant Miners, Life Sapper and Soul Strangler

I dont quite know whats happened these last few days in Splinterlands, but my rental returns went a bit crazy for 2-3 days and have then settled down again. I dont have a huge amount of cards, nor any really fancy ones, just a lot of the basic cards. I'm slowly building up, and when I saw rental income doubling and then trebling with in the space of two days, I was a bit shocked. The following 3 cards in particular stuck out during this period.

Ant Miners.png

First up was Ant Miners:

  • I bought this card about 2 months ago and to be honest from a rental perspective its been pretty bad,
  • It often does not rent out at all, and when it does it only brings in 0.1 DEC/day,
  • My rental return was running at about 3.7 APR for this card which is really poor, noting that I paid 191 DEC for it,
  • Then a few days ago its rental income shot up to 9.99 DEC/day ????,
  • I have no idea why, it stayed there like that few a few days and then it dropped back to zero !

Life Sapper.png

Next up was Life Sapper

  • Life Sapper has been a decent card for me, it regularly rents out in the 0.3 to 0.5 DEC/day range,
  • I paid 233 DEC for it and was getting around a 50% APR, which is ok in my book,
  • And again 3 days ago its rental income shot up to 13.161 DEC/day ???,
  • It stayed like that for 2 to 3 days and now its back down to 0.739 DEC/day.

soul strangler2.png

And then lastly is the Soul Strangler

  • This is a card thats done ok for me. I actually have 2, one at level 1 and one at level 2,
  • The level 2 card has done pretty well for me - cost around 825 DEC, is always rented and was giving me a return in excess of 100% APY (very happy about that),
  • The Level 1 card was mediocre at best - it rents out ok, but not for great values. It cost me about 165 DEC and has been giving me about a 35% APR,
  • 2-3 days ago the rental for the level 1 card jumped to 8.835 DEC/day, where as the level 2 card did see an increase by only to 0.937 DEC/day ????
  • Now the level 1 card has dropped back down to 0.2 DEC/day and the level 2 card is at 0.867 DEC/day,
  • I was really shocked as to why the level 1 card income would really outstrip the level 2 card income - it seemed odd.

So to be honest, I dont really know what happened - this was well out of the norm as can be seen. I'm certainly not complaining, and yes some cards do well now and again depending on what is happening in in the game and especially if its towards the end of a season, etc. However, I've never quite seen things jump like what has happened here in the last 2-3 days - especially noting that we are only now getting towards the end of the season when we would normally see a rise in rental returns (it was too early for it to be that). I also know that others saw increases as well.

Anyway, I'm enjoying playing with rentals, and I'll be very happy if we get more days like that !!! If anyone has any insight as to why that may have happened I'd love to know !!