3D artwork of Burna Boy

Hello everyone, it’s a good day and a good feeling after I just withdrew a little hive token from my account, so therefore there is no better time for me to post new project of Burna boy which I made for a customer who requested for it but unfortunately she hasn’t paid for it.

I decided to use this as reference.

I think most of all(if not all) shoukd know Burnaboy, the Grammy award winning Afro-pop artist in our dearest country Nigeria.

Graphite pencils - 6h, 6b, 4b
12b charcoal pencil, general charcoal pencil
Monozero eraser, mechanical pencil, kneaded eraser, tissue paper, blending stump, artistic brush.

As usual I always grid my paper in pages on a particular day so I can work on them till use them all and repeat the cycle, I bring out my paper with the grid on it and I started sketching from the face, the eyes, nose, down to the mouth.

And then I finished up the head with hair, started the body..finished up on the left am, continued with the right and finished up the whole body sketch and that was all with the sketch.
*If you are reading at this stage thanks, kudos you. I’m sure you can see the resemblance right from the sketch

Now I started adding details and texture to make it more realistic. I added 4b graphite dust, blended with toilet paper and I used the kneaded eraser to blend well. While I use the monozero eraser to add details and mechanical pencil makes it sharper on the skin.

I used the blending stump (small size) to make the rough spots around the beards and cheek and I blending it well and moved to the beards. I made it with 12b in tiny scribbles till it looks fit enough and I erased out few spots to make the skin visible as in the picture.

I moved to the hair. It’s a plaited locks, so there are only just few visible details and then the sideways are just few entanglement and the lower part bald. Also on the face I fixed the eyes, brows and the ear to complete the face. Afterwards I adding details on the hand, he has a rockstar tattoo which is written as ROCK and. Stars are drawn around it. Also the Rolex I tried to make it visible.

He’s putting on a smooth suit and a spotted shirt which made it easier for me to represent, I made the chain and used the monozero eraser to clean out the shiny part. I used the artistic brush to apply lightly the 4b dust while I make the folds darker and blended all well. I used 12b for the spots on the shirts. And I finished up the other hand. He has same Rockstar tattoo at the back of both hands.

I finished up with the cloth and checked on the background, I did I the pole far off but I decided to cast a shadow to make him look resting on the paper.

And lastly I cut a little length off from the lower end.

Thanks for your time. Thanks to those that have been reblogging too. I’ll like to get reviews in the comments.
There’s a videoclip for the documentary but I can’t get to link my hive account on 3speak.