Hello Hivers. I’m getting more used to this now and I’m impressed with my write-ups because I don’t usually do this before.
Today I’m sharing my 3d artwork of groot. Really interesting one because this is my first Coloured art. I just had to use the color pencil I have. Not really of good standard but I managed.
Here I used a picture of groot on my phone as a reference really colourful so I didn’t have a choice than to follow suit. Also ive always been using my freehand for my sketches but now I decided to use the grid. So here I’m going to attach my reference along side my artwork and I hope you all like my work.

STEPS ; This might take a while (smiles) sip your coffee
*I started with making a grid on my drawing sheet (1x1)cm and sketch out the shape as that has always been my first step even while using freehand.

*I moved on to the face first added little bigger details his rooted head style, eyes and mouth. And straight to the body. I think he is putting on a turnout gear. I’m not sure but I think that’s what it looks like. Anyways. I sketched out the big and easily visible details first like the big folds, zips, straps, etch. And finished sketching out the fingers too. 

*And now. Onto to adding Colours. After watching a tutorial on YouTube on how to use color pencils. At first I didn’t see a similar color in my pack and I just picked something still suitable for the style of the cloth.
And I was scared at first so I started from the leg. And truly that is what made me start from the leg this time around but after which I realized that there is no going back, asking myself will I cut the place off ??
I took a pause and observed it very well and what I got is not bad to me (wizkid wink)

*I think I’m pleased. I learnt a lot from the tutorial video and hope to get a better set of coloured pencil soon.
I finished up with the whole turnout gear used like 2 tones of light colour so to divide the cloth into two different but similar colours, added the folds and shadows. Straps. Etc. and I used the colour pencils to blend the other as I’ve learnt called burnishing as I don’t have a blending solvent.

 *With that done. I moved on to the big feet and I took a rest before going back to finish the last part of the groot which is the head.  I’ve been looking forward to it.  

Started with the top green part with d small plant. Like wow. I love the green turn out.
Shaded down and added tiny details and lines this time to finish up at once.
All down to the eyes. But the eyes is what I like to finish up with talking about the whole body sketch. So I just sketch out the lines for the brows and the eye ball and this gave me an horrific look of groot after I finished up with the mouth.

Omg 😱

And I shaded d eyes.

*With what I’ve got here. I decided to make the rocky floor more like the reference and didn’t forget to add the grasses.

*Now to the 3d effect.
I shaded out his shadow and then I cut it out.

I sketched out a 3/4 moon, a small dove with a green plant in its mouth and I cut them out separately.
I placed them all on a black background and took a lot of pictures from different angles, to pick the best and try and do some editing to improve the colours and this is what I’ve got.

And guess what? I printed out as a table frame for a gift. I’m sure you all want to see.

@mochita how would you rate my work pls.


Well done, nicely described as well. Hive is really a lot about those processes. Have you thought about combining your art it with an action or performance like the Wilder Brothers are known for

At the end of the day artists have to socialize too


Nice idea. I’ll try and see what I can do and explore my works thanks


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