3d drawing of a Galleon ship used in the olden days

Hello Great Hivers, I wish you all can see the smile on my face right now as I am writing this post because it’s been a while I posted but I’m back here with loads. Which means there are more to come after this.

So I made this 3d art of a typical old galleon ship ( also known as pirate ship )as we’ve seen different types in the movies like Vikings and all.
This 3d art of mine was made on 3 papers joined together in style to make the middle of the paper very long. And I made use of graphite pencils.

I started with sketching out the basement of the ship to the hull in front up to the main sail where I joined the next drawing sheet.

I joined the second drawing paper and completed the main sail and the rest of the sails. And I made sure I trace out the main mast till the very top on the sheet. Which is going to be completed on the next drawing sheet. Making sure it’s at the middle of the ship.

The fire mast ended on the middle sheet while the main mast and the rear mast extended to the third paper.

So I after adding the rest of the details of the ship like the crow’s nest, top sails and all on the 3rd sheet. This is what I have.

Hope you all like what you see.

And now that I’m satisfied with the shape. I moved on to adding more details, texture and shading. Taking it part by part. So as to get it right.

I started with the Hull. As we can see the front here. I think I like it.

And then pooooooof!!!! I went straight up to the top sails and the middle sails. Someone ask me why?? So as to keep my palm off shaded part, so I won’t distort my shading. I have to start from up then I complete it downwards.

Down to the main sail. The net and all trust me the process was fun. The foremast, mainmast and rear mast. Shaded perfectly I think.

What would you rate my galleon Ship???

Now to the deck and the body of the ship. Making the gun ports dark as it should be for weapons.

And this is what I have for my Galleon ship.
Now let out the flowing river.
Unfortunately I don’t have some tools which is going to make this look good like the professionals for example I don’t have a kneaded eraser neither do I have an electric eraser. But I’m going to use what I have. Which is just my pencil and eraser which I have shape the mouth pointed. So I erase out thing lines of reflection after drawing the waves. And this is what I had.

Thanks for your time 🙏🏻🙏🏻
@mochita pls. I’m very sorry for just posting and tagging you. I’ve been trying ti post the video through 3speak but it’s not working out for me. Maybe our network is too bad for it. So I just had to come post the pictures instead.
Still have more artworks to post and will still tag you.
Thanks so much.


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