Hello People of the hive community, greetings to the fellow art community hivers, how are you all doing today? I’m feeling so happy and motivated right now ever than before as there are 2 other tattoo artist certified with good attributes from their works and customers with their studio at the main expressway to our district area.
So to cut the long story short i saw a chess king tattoo one of made for a customer and i thought of how i could make it in 3d to outshine them when i am fully established as a tattoo artist too. That is how i come about this pieces right here.

How it was made:
On my grid paper, i started sketching out the king piece from the base. Made it bend towards my right because the eye angle is on my left and i finished sketching up to the top.

After that i tried to make a parallel platform in form of a chessboard pattern, to confirm its rightly placed before i started shading.

I maded the round highlights with white pastel around the bottom and the tinny highlights spot around the whole piece before i shaded all through with 2b pencil lightly first and i started adding another layer with 12b. Starting from the bottom

Next, i shaded the piece to the top and the highlights came right on. And i tried placing it out just to see if i am right.

Then i shaded the chessboard pattern below and i added the shadow of the piece below.

Just tring to imagine me making arts like this for my customers will be mind blowing i believe.
Wish me luch lovers.


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