The Light(bulb) and the Sight(eye)

Hello Hivers. How are we all doing? Horkeeyz is back here again. Its been a little while as i been caught up with training and lessons of skin art well known as Tattoo.

I have been looking for ways to apply my skills in order to monetize it asides selling our artworks and luckily for me i met a tattoo artist just few months ago and i decided to apply for apprenticeship. I believe my 3d skill will make a good impact by the way.

I designed this piece right here myself as my first tattoo and it was done on my left shoulder by my boss.
This is a bulb that represents light and the eye to represent sight.

As we all know. The eyes work as a result of light rays reflecting on the retina of the high.
So i decided to make a fan art of both, where by the bulb(light) leads the eye(sight).

I sketched it and mirrored it, then the sketch was pasted on my shoulder and my boss use the ink rotatary machine.

Its a must share for me so the tatts picture is coming next. But I’m using this medium to ask for reviews and comments, helps regarding the profession will also be highly appreciated as i am looking foward to where i can get my tools and kits.
The bulb here is literally holding, leading and pointing out the way to the eye and the eye seems to be happy about it

If anyone sees and ask me what my tattoo meant, i simply say:
In Darkness, the Eye is Blind!!


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