Tone and shade art of a woman

Hello Hivers. How are you all doing today. From my previous post if you’re following. The more I sharpened my charcoal pencil, I collected the whole powder from filing the pencil and used it to create this beautiful piece here. It’s not really my style but so far it’s Art I’m doing anything.

freehand as usual, sketched out the body. And the parts

And I started shading from the boobs. Onto the chest bone down to the navel.

I blended the body and used my kneaded eraser to create the highlights on the body eg the stomach, the thighs and the jaw making the face look up.

Now I shaded the sides of the art space and later make it darker. And after I used my monozero eraser to to create some brighter highlights and add little details to make the drips on her body.

Not really difficult. I made it I. Just few hours with my 6h pencil and charcoal dust and artistic brush.


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