Fascinating insects Special : Similar to Ant Miners of Splinterlands.


Similar to Ant Miners of Splinterlands..

I've found this amazing crypto card gaming community recently after exploring the hive world and then when I explored the splinterlands website for some time, I've found a marketplace with full of nft gaming cards. There are a lot of cards and when I was exploring all the cards, I've found out a card that's name is Ant Miners and that reminded me that I have some photos of ants tearing apart another insect that looks similar to that gaming card Ant Miners.


This is the card I was talking about.
Source link of the card

Lore: Kobolds have long been considered the most skilled miners in the land. Their small stature and inherent bravery allows them to squeeze into small and risky spaces, and they are very good with tools. Recently however, the Kobolds have apparently dug too deep into the crust beneath the Molten Mountains. This has allowed an undiscovered race of Fire Ants to breach the surface. These Ants are each about the size of a man’s fist, not large enough individually to pose a threat to anyone, but they are very good at teamwork and they operate through a shared hive mind. The Ant Miners carry tiny tools, which they use to enhance their already-formidable digging skills. They always travel in packs and lines; if you see a line of Ant Miners approaching your home, do not attempt to fight. It’s best to just give up your home.

I have more photos of this incident.

Shot 02 with two ants.


Shot 03 with three ants.


Shot 04 with many ants.


Shot 05 where the ants tore apart the insect they were eating.


I hope and pray that the contest judges will like my post and captures.

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