Goblin Psychic, one of the best Goblin Among all Goblins.

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I'm about to talk about a battle where we get to see how Goblin Psychic helped my team getting victory in a battle keeping the tank monster healed. And I see a lot of Goblins out there in Splinterlands and I think this Goblin is one of the best among them all as it heals others.

And this battle is definitely worth talking about.

The battle was covered with lost legendaries ruleset (Legendary monsters may not be used in this battles). I had some good legendary monsters to choose from the earth element but this ruleset vanishes all the legendary monsters so I was left with only common, rare and epic monsters and the battle mana was also not so good so I tried to choose some monsters that can get me a win and they did nice.


The mana cap was 20 and I chose only four monsters according to the battle mana. I had the chance to choose from any splinter and this time I chose earth splinter for this battle where I had only four earth monsters in my lineup strategy.

The Monsters and Summoners:


For this battle, I chose the rare earth summoner Obsidian that provides one extra magic damage to all magic monsters and I chose only magic monsters for this extra benefit.

The front monster, Regal Peryton is a good monster having flying ability that gives it 25% bonus chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from units who do not have the flying ability.

Goblin Sorcerer targets the last unit on the enemy team instead of the first unit for having sneak ability and Goblin Psychic restores a third of max health to the unit in the first position each round for having tank heal ability. Khmer Princess offers only magic damage without any special abilities.


The opponent team chose Kelya Frendul as summoner that provides one extra speed and one extra armor too monsters. Xenith Monk has heal ability in higher level but the opponent team here chose only monsters in level one, Hardy Stonefish hardly does anything till it comes front, River Nymph removes all negative effects on the unit in the first position on the friendly team, Venari Wavesmith gives +2 armor to all friendly monsters, Ice Pixie has a 25% bonus chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from units who do not have the flying ability.


Regal Peryton of my team took the first turn and Xenith Monk of the opponent team lost two health for this. Regal Peryton damaged two health with one turn but then two monsters of the opponent team (Ice Pixie and Xenith Monk) needed to two turns to damage two health of the same Regal Peryton.

Then River Nymph and then Venari Wavesmith of the opponent team took their turn and damaged two more health of the Regal Peryton and now my Regal Peryton had only two health left out of six. Goblin Sorcerer of my team then attacked Ice Pixie of the opponent team and the opponent monster died losing the health. Then Khmer Princess damaged two health of the opponent's Xenith Monk.

Goblin Psychic then first healed two health of the Regal Peryton otherwise this monster would die soon and then the Goblin attacked and killed the Xenith Monk of the opponent team. So, with the high speeds, the opponent monsters only could damage some health of one of my monsters but then my monsters killed two of them from the opponent team.


It was the second round where Hardy Stone fish came forward to the first position to take a turn but it didn't get the chance as Regal Peryton of my team killed this opponent monster as soon as the second round started.

Then Venari Wavesmith nd River Nymph of the opponent team attacked and damaged two health of my Regal Peryton with two turns. And my Goblin Sorcerer then damaged two health of the opponent's Venari Wavesmith out of three and my Khmer Princess then damaged two health of the other opponent monster out of three. My Goblin Psychic then healed two health of my Regal Peryton again and then killed the opponent's River Nymph.

There was another round where my Regal Peryton killed the last opponent monster before the opponent monster even could hold onto the new position. It it was not for my Goblin Psychic, I'd still win the battle it seems but I'd loose Regal Peryton for sure.

If you want to watch the battle then just have to click on the Battle Link

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