Mordeus, The Godzilla of Splinterlands.



I'm about to talk about a battle where we get to see how Mordeus helped my team getting victory in a battle using its big melee damages. And I couldn't ignore the fact that this monster looks a lot like what we know as Godzilla so I'm giving it the title, Godzilla of Splinterlands.

And this battle is definitely worth talking about.

The battle was covered with broken arrows ruleset (Ranged attack monsters may not be used in battles). That gave me the choice to create my lineup using only melee and magic monsters and I went only for melee monsters.


The mana cap was 34 and I chose all six monsters for all slots this time according to the battle mana. I had the chance to choose from any splinter and this time I chose fire splinter for this battle where I had five fire monsters with a neutral monster in my lineup strategy.

The Monsters and Summoners:


For this battle, I chose the rare fire summoner Tarsa that provides one extra health to all my monsters that's really important for any monster, and it provides one extra melee attack and I kind of chose only melee monsters for this.

The front monster, Arkemis the Bear was about to get highlighted in this battle as the protector but it died early so I changed my mind but this monster does good providing extra armors to all friendly monsters. And Aganju can attack from the second position a well for having reach ability.

Tenyii Striker and Kobold Miner had sneak ability that targets the last enemy monster instead of the first monster. Mordeus and Serpentine Spy had opportunity ability that attacks the monster on the opponent team with the lowest health. I chose all the melee monsters that had some special abilities allows them to attack from any position.


The opponent team chose Obsidian as summoner that provides one extra magic attack to all magic attackers and I bet that's why the opponent team chose four magic attackers among total five monsters.

Unicorn Mustang reduced damage from magic attacks by 50% when Mycelic Slipspawn taunt all opponent enemies to target this monster first. Goblin Psychic restores a third of max health to the unit in the first position each round and Regal Peryton has a 25% bonus chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from units who do not have the flying ability.


Arkemis the Bear, the friendly monster lost two health when Regal Peryton from the opponent team took the first turn for being the most speed holder. And then Unicorn Mustang damaged the protection of of the protector.

When the first and second monster of my team were bound to attack the first opponent monster, the rest four monsters had abilities that impels them to attack opponent team on the last position and with the lowest health. But those four monsters started attacking the opponent monster with the taunt ability till Mordeus at last killed that with the big melee damage.

Then Kobold Miner attacked Regal Peryton and the opponent monster evaded that attack using flying ability and in the meantime, Arkemis the Bear lost some health to some damages and it died in the next new round and before that, Goblin Psychic tank healed the Unicorn Mustang.


After the protector died, the protection armors died with it as well. And then my next monster Aganju died as well losing its low health. Serpentine Spy first killed the opponent with the lowest health and the Mordeus did the same and killed the tank healer of the opponent team which was helpful otherwise it would heal the Unicorn again soon.

Then when Regal Peryton evaded another melee attack, Mordeus killed the Unicorn Mustang and then the last opponent monster evaded another attack to get the chance of killing another monster of my team in a new round. Then my Serpentine Spy attacked the opponent monster but it failed. Mordeus broke the flying rule and killed the opponent monster after that and brought victory.

After I stop thinking of highlighting Arkemis the Bear, then I noticed how Mordeus kept killing the opponents (one shot = one kill) and then I decided to talk about this godzilla this time and maybe I'll talk more about the bear next time when it gets to live till the end.

If you want to watch the battle then just have to click on the Battle Link

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