Nerissa Tridawn is the AquaWOMAN.


I'm about to talk about a battle where we get to see how Nerissa Tridawn impacts a great role in a battle only using her big magic damages. And with the trident and costume, she really looks a lot like AquaWOMAN if we compare her looks to Aquaman of DC comic.

And this battle is definitely worth talking about.

The battle was covered with odd ones out ruleset (Only monsters with odd mana costs may be used in battles). Even mana costs monsters are prohibited for the battle with this ruleset.


The mana cap was 35 and I just chose four monsters that costs odd mana from what I rented from the rental market. I had the chance to choose from any splinter and this time I also chose water splinter for this battle where I had four water monsters in my lineup strategy.

The summoners:

For this battle, I chose the legendary water summoner Valnamor that provides one extra health to all my monsters that's really important for any monster, it provides one extra speed and it provides one extra magic attack and I kind of chose three magic monsters for this.
The opponent team used Obsidian for the earth element which is a rare summoner providing one extra magic attack to magic monsters and I see the opponent team chose four magic monsters for this if I'm not mistaken.

The Monsters:
There, I had Torhilo the Frozen, Nerissa Tridawn, River Hellondale, Mischievous Mermaid. Total four monsters.

The opponent team chose Hill Giant, Venari Scout, Centauri Mage, Regal Peryton, Djinn Biljka, Mycelic Slipspawn. Total six monsters.

So, after choosing Torhilo the Frozen for the first position that reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks by 50%, then I chose Nerissa Tridawn for the second position that doesn't have any special ability in any round but she has good magic health portions and magic attacks

Then I chose River Hellondale for the third position that bring back a dead friendly monster to life with 1 Health and this ability can only triggered once per battle and Mischievous Mermaid for the fourth and last position which is a mermaid without any special ability but her cute and angry look.


Regal Peryton from the opponent team took the first turn for being the most speed holder and Torhilo the Frozen, the friendly monster lost one health to this attack reducing one more magic damage using its void ability.

Mycelic Slipspawn of the opponent team got taunt ability that taunts its opponent monsters to attack it first if they're able to and three back line monsters of my team were attracted to this so they attacked this opponent monster one after another till all three monsters took their turn and the opponent monster lost ten health out of eleven.

Then Centauri Mage of the opponent team damaged one more health of my Torhilo and then the Venari Scout targeted my River Hellondale as that friendly monster along with another one had the lowest health and the opponent monster had opportunity ability that attacks opponent monster with the lowest health and that attack damaged the armor of my River Hellondale.

Then after Mycelic Slipspawn damaged two health of my Torhilo, the bull then damaged four health of Hill Giant of the opponent team and then that Hill Giant and Djinn Biljka attacked my Torhilo and damaged two armor and one health only.


Then my Mischievous Mermaid killed opponent's Mycelic Slipspawn in a new round and the next turn was from my River Hellondale and that killed the opponent's Hill Giant and then my Nerissa Tridawn killed the opponent's Venari Scout and I got three kills in a row.

At that moment, I had more cards in number than the opponent team. Getting to the front position, the opponent's Centauri Mage damaged two health of my Torhilo and then the bull damaged four health of the opponent monster. And the opponent's Djinn Biljka took a turn at the end point of the round and damaged one health of my Torhilo.

Regal Peryton damaged one more health of my Torhilo in a new round and left the bull having only one health and then Mischievous Mermaid and River Hellondale attacked and killed the Centauri Mage of the opponent team.


My Torhilo tried to kill Regal Peryton but the opponent monster evaded the melee attack using the flying ability and then Djinn Biljka killed the bull although it's been resurrected with one health by my River Hellondale but still the Torhilo couldn't live long as Regal Peryton took the next turn in the new round and killed it again and this time it was permanent.

Then my Nerissa Tridawn came to the front position and stayed as a shield when my Mischievous Mermaid killed Regal Peryton and then my River Hellondale killed the next and last opponent monster Djinn Biljka.

Torhilo the Frozen could be the title of this post but I chose Nerissa Tridawn as she stood front like a shield to the team after Torhilo died and this AquaWOMAN killed two opponent monsters using a single attack for each.

If you want to watch the battle then just have to click on the Battle Link to watch the battle and don't forget to tell me what you think about my strategy.

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All the in-game screenshots are taken by me. The PNG footer was taken from splinterlands discord and the divider was taken from this post