THE Living Lava.

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I'm about to talk about a battle where we get to see how Living Lava helped my team getting victory in a battle being the tank monster.

And this battle is definitely worth talking about.

The battle was covered with standard ruleset (No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics). I had some good legendary monsters to choose from the fire element but I chose only two rare and one common monsters after choosing a legendary summoner and Living Lava was one among them.


The mana cap was 27 and I chose only three monsters according to the battle mana. I had the chance to choose from any splinter and this time I chose life splinter for this battle where I had only three fire monsters in my lineup strategy.

The Monsters and Summoners:


For this battle, I chose the legendary fire summoner Yodin Zaku that provides one extra ranged damage to all ranged monsters where I chose two ranged monsters for this extra benefit and this summoner also provide one extra health and blast ability to all monsters.

The front monster, Living Lava is a good monster having shield ability that allows it to reduces damage from melee and ranged attacks by 50% and this is the monster I'm highlighting in this post.

Tinderlock gains +50% to all stats if it's the only Unit on the team alive for having last stand ability and it can perform ranged attacks from the first position for having close range ability. Lava Spider targets the first enemy unit with ranged, magic, or no attack that is not in the first position.


The opponent team chose Kelya Frendul as summoner that provides one extra speed and one extra armor to all monsters. Then the opponent team made a mistake choosing the first and second monster where the first monster should've been chosen for the second place and the second monster for the first place but probably it was an unintentional mistake.

Flying Squid may attack from the second position on the team for having reach ability. Diemonshark will perform a second melee attack on the next monster on the enemy team when it hits and kills its target for having trample ability. Rest two monsters are just normal melee and ranged attackers where the melee attackers can't attack from that place.

Flying Squid of my opponent took the first turn and Living Lava of my team lost one armor for this. Then Kulu Swimhunter damaged the remaining armor of my Living Lava. Then my Tinderlock threw a big ranged damage to Flying Squid but damaged only one armor as that was the only armor there and the blast damaged two armor of the adjacent opponent monster.

Then my Lava Spider damaged the armor of my opponent's Kulu Swimhunter with ranged damage and the blast damaged one armor of the adjacent monster Hardy Stonefish. Then my Living Lava did a big three melee damage but somehow it was a missed attack. And the first round came to an ending.

My Living Lava lost two health in the next round. And this time both my Living Lava and Tinderlock missed their different damages on the opponent's Flying Squid. I tried to find out the reason but didn't find any. My Lava Spider only could damage two health of the opponent's Kulu Swimhunter and one one armor of the adjacent monster.


Then the outlook of the game changed totally in the third round after my Spider Lava killed two opponent monsters with its ranged and blast damage. And there my Tinderlock and Living Lava damaged total seven health of the opponent's Flying Squid and four armor of the adjacent opponent monster Diemonshark.

My Living Lava lost two more health in the next round and the opponent team lost Flying Squid and the last opponent monster then almost killed my Living Lava after all my monsters missed their damages on this opponent monster. Then after my Tinderlock and Lava Spider damaged six health of the last opponent monster out of seven health, then my Living Lava took the last turn and killed the last opponent monster.

If you want to watch the battle then just have to click on the Battle Link

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