They really loves to heal themself up.


I'm about to talk about a battle full of surprises where three among my chosen four monsters had heal ability and they looked like they really loves to heal themself up.

And this battle is definitely worth talking about.

The battle was covered with the aimless ruleset (All monsters have the scattershot ability). Ranged and Magic attacks hit a random enemy target for this ruleset.


The mana cap was only 23, I chose some cards from what I rented from the rental market according to the mana cap. I had the chance to choose from any splinter and I chose water splinter for this battle where I had three water monsters with a neutral monster in my lineup strategy.

The summoners: Possibilus the Wise is the legendary water summoner that I chose for this battle. This summoner provides two extra health that's really important for any monster, it provides trample and reach abilities and all monsters of the team gets all these. I chose a melee attacker for the second position for the reach ability this summoner provides and that monster did well on the battle.

The opponent team used Thaddius Brood for the death element which is a rare summoner not providing anything to its monsters but it removes one health of all opponent monsters and one magic attack of all opponent magic attackers.


I chose total four monsters where the opponent team chose six monsters and they still lost the battle.

So, after choosing Sea Monster for the first position that restore a portion of its health each round, then I chose Xenith Monk for the second position that also has the same ability to heal itself and knowing a melee attacker can't attack from second position I chose this melee attacker because my summoner gives reach ability to all monsters which will allow this melee attacker to attack from the second position.

Then I chose Water Elemental for the third position which also heals itself with heal ability like the other two. Now that I didn't have any more mana to use, I chose Torrent Fiend that cost total zero mana and placed it at the third position sending Water Elemental to the fourth. In case Sea Monster or Xenith Monk dies, Torrent Fiend could attack from the second position using reach ability.


All my monsters got one extra health each (+2 from my summoner and -1 for the opponent summoner) and except Torrent Fiend, all other monsters that I chose had the heal ability which they will use each round if they lose any health. My Water Elemental took the first turn for being the most speed holder and it was a missed attack as the target Carrion Shade had an increased chance of evading ranged attack using flying ability.

Aimless ruleset/Scattershot ability allows monsters to hit random target but still the opponent Silent Sha-Vi attacked the my last monster instead of my first monster using sneak ability where my Water Elemental lost two health but fear not where there's healing power. My opponent's Life Sapper damaged one health of my Xenith Monk and got itself an extra health using life leech ability.

Then the opponent's Death Elemental damaged one health of my Sea Monster and now all my monsters with heal ability lost some health each so there'll be some healing in the next round for sure.


Needless to say, it was my Xenith Monk's turn so he healed himself with one health and then damaged one health of the opponent Cursed Windeku and that was a bad move cause the one health damage returned the favor by damaging two health of my attacker as the opponent monster had thorns ability.

Then Cursed Windeku damaged two health of my Sea Monster and the monster got its turn next and healed itself up with three health first and then attacked its attacker which damaged two more health of my monster for the thorns ability of the opponent monster. My Water Elemental healed itself up in a new round and this time targeted the opponent's Cursed Windeku and damaged two health. No, there was no thorns as thorns only works on melee attacks.

The opponent's Silent Sha-Vi again targeted my Water Elemental but missed its attack this time, I don't know why (I didn't find any reason, actually). Life Sapper did the exact same thing like it did in the first round and then Death Elemental changed its target this time using scattershot ability and damaged one health of my Xenith Monk.


My Xenith Monk this time healed himself with all two health, damaged one health of Cursed Windeku and lost two health to thorns damage of its target.

Then Cursed Windeku damaged two health of my Sea Monster likewise and my monster this time damaged the the last two health of Cursed Windeku and the opponent monster damaged two health of my Sea Monster using thorns just before leaving the battle. It's time I let you know what the trample ability that my summoner provide does.

So, when monster with this ability attacks and kills its target with a melee attack, it performs another melee attack on the next team on the target and for that, the next opponent team Life Sapper had to die as well and followed Cursed Windeku to the outside of the battlefield.


My Water Elemental didn't have to heal this round as it didn't lose any health in the previous round so it just attacked and killed one opponent monster now and I got another kill. Then the opponent's Silent Sha-Vi damaged two health of my Water Elemental.

Death Elemental damaged one health of my Sea Monster, then my Xenith Monk first healed himself with two health and then damaged only one health of the Death Elemental. Then my Sea Monster healed itself up with three health and then used four melee attack on the opponent's Death Elemental who had only one health left and it died. My Sea Monster did a trample attack on the next opponent monster but missed it.


My Water Elemental healed itself up in the next round and the very first turn of the battle repeated itself. First my Xenith Monk damaged one health of the opponent Silent Sha-Vi after healing itself up, then my Sea Monster attacked and damaged the remaining four health of the opponent monster and did another trample damage on the next/last opponent monster where that opponent monster also lost all health and the battle ended when all my monsters had the startup health with them.

They really loves to heal themself up.

If you want to watch the battle then just have to click on the Battle Link to watch the battle and don't forget to tell me what you think about my strategy.

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