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This blog is meant for both guilds looking for new members and players looking for a new guild. Post your info below and hope for the best guild or recruit!

Please copy/paste one of the formats below and fill in the details:

For players looking for guild:

  • In-game name:
  • Collection power:
  • Expected highest league this season:
  • Can you play Goldfoil-only frays without delegation? [Yes/No/Willing to rent]
  • Can you play Alpha/Beta fray without delegation? [Yes/No/Willing to rent]
  • [Short pitch for why you're the best player for any guild]

For Guilds looking for players:

  • Guild name:
  • Guild Rank:
  • Building levels
    • Hall: Lodge: Arena: Barracks: Store:
  • Guild rating:
  • How many and what kind of members are we looking for:
  • Dec contribution requirements:
  • Minimum collection power requirement:
  • Brawling rules:
  • Other rules:
  • [Short pitch for why you're the best guild for any player]


Guild name: Shin-Lo
Guild Rank: #291
Building levels
Hall: 4 Lodge: 4 Arena: 2 Barracks: 2 Store: 3
Guild rating: 30,364
How many and what kind of members are we looking for:
We are looking for 4 members who are active in brawls. Players with decent goldfoil summoners are highly preferred.
Dec contribution requirements: None!
Minimum collection power requirement: 30K
Brawling rules: You are expected to partake in as many brawls as you can. Joining a fray but failing to submit battles will be punished: You will get last pick in the next brawl and repeated offenders will get kicked.
Other rules: Have fun and share your strategies in the Tavern. We do have a discord, but most communication is currently in the Guild Tavern.

Pitch: As far as I can tell we seem to have a very laid-back attitude compared to most Guilds. There are few restrictions and demands in general and a big selling point in this regard is that we don't have strict DEC contribution requirements. We do take brawling quite seriously though, so make sure to win! We are usually in positions 1-4 every brawl and we take pride in keeping our fill rate above 90%. Other than that, there are usually conversations going on in our tavern on how to beat the latest generation of bots, how to beat the market, or how to beat this overpowered card that became popular all of a sudden.


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