End Of Season Reward




Hello, my fellow splinterlanders, so I think it's been almost a week since the drop of chaos legion cards, I haven't gotten a pack yet so for now I will be making use of the one splinterland put out in my deck.

I have made my run with the cards and they are pretty interesting cards but as a magic fan, my favourite summoner would be the OBSIDIAN summoner, an earth summoner who adds more magic power to all cards using the magic ability.

My second favourite summoner would be GENERAL SLOAN, this summoner adds an extra range attack to all range monsters, not still great at using it but we get the hang of it soon.

The Chaos Legion cards are top-notch, still waiting for my voucher to complete so I can get a pack and add it to my collection. My daily quest has been interesting, I got some good rewards including a gold card which I never expected.

Since the drop of Chaos Legion I noticed some cards' values dropped, the demand for chaos legion is pretty on the high side, Chaos legion has sold over a million packs everyone wants to get their hands on them.

The previous season ended a day ago and I got 4 rare cards: Exploding rats, Gargoya devil, Uraeus and Djinn Chwala. With two other cards
Pelacor mercenary and pelacor deceiver with a total of 4 legendary potions charges and 7 Dec.
Not bad, I can cut down my cost on rentals or find new cards to rent to improve my strategy.

Currently, we are on the 142nd day of the Sps drop. The price of sps hasn't been good for a while. I expected it to move up during the increase in hive but nothing changed. Hopefully, we will see an increase soon.

The new season is here. Let's keep on doing our best and hope you all have a wonderful season ahead.