My splinterland Season Reward




Hello, my fellow splinterlanders hope you all had an amazing weekend? It's been a while since I posted on splinterland, but today I will be sharing what I got from my season reward.

So this season was pretty good for me, I had not much difficulty, I was able to reach my new max tier which was Silver 3, It wasn't all that easy but I still made it.

I tried something new this season, I rented some cards from the market, I got to say they help me improve more on my strategies and playing skills, my favourite rented card would be the Djin oshannus a water element card which uses magic and lessen the effect of the magic attack on itself.

It's a pretty amazing card. I will continue to rent it, for now, someday I will purchase it. Considering the price value, it it is expensive for me to get it now, If luck is on my side I might get it as a reward.

I noticed something in the rental market. Once the final day of the season, a lot of people start renting cards in the market. If you are unlucky you meet fill cards and those fill cards are quite expensive to rent. I would extend my rental days more to avoid spending much on rentals.

For my season reward, I got a pelacor conjurer, pelacor mercenary, gargoya lion, venari heatsmith, exploding rats, pelacor deceiver with a total of 20 Dec and 3 legendary potions. Not bad at all. I finally got some dec, unlike my last rewards. Hopefully, next season will be better. I do not doubt that, I will keep on doing my best to get better.

We are currently 112 days out of the 365-day sps airdrop, it's still looking pretty good. The sps price this season has been normal, not too high or low on the market. It's yet to surprise me still on the lookout.

So guys it's the new season, hope you all are fired up, let's keep having fun and winning, see you all later, bye.