Get out of bronze now! Great guide for newbies!


Hi all and I hope you all are having a great grind!

For Silver and Gold players here pardon for this basic guide πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

So Im mostly on Discord and there are times that new players ask for tips on how to get out of bronze; I cant really say Im qualified but this is a tested method that I use to get back to silver quick . Well my friends here is a great great strategy. A meta if you can call it.


Okay so lets get straight to it!

Go and rent:

  • MYLOR CROWLING (2.70-3.50 dec)
  • MUSHROOM SEER (2.85 dec)


  • WOOD NYMPH (0.10 dec)

Here is the breakdown on how these 2 or three cards can destroy opponents.

MYLOR CROWLING: As many of you know and probably some of you have suffered loss with this guy; Mylor gives thorns ability to all of your monsters. It gives 2 damage to melee opponents who hit any of your monsters! Gives a small exception on foes with shield ability as it will only tame 1 damage. Take note on that my fellow bronze warriors.

MUSHROOM SEER: This guy will be the icing in the cake on our main strategy. As we all know, bronze league is spammed with magic. May it be Alric at times and mostly Obsidian; Mushroom Seer has the silence ability! He gives a minus 1 to magic damage!

WOOD NYMPH: So she is a lower mana version of Goblin Psychic. Use her on those low mana games. She would heal up your tank nicely. Because lets be honest, Goblin Psychic really takes off a big chunk of mana. On high mana games though, heck I use them both for double heals! πŸ˜‰

So thats the short description of each of the monsters. Now lets put the strategy together!
Lets use our broad imagination to build up this scenario.

On tank we use the playable Unicorn Mustang. Paired with Mylor Crowling, foes who hit him with a melee atack will take 2 damage with thorns! With Mushroom Seers silence ability, magic damage up to 2 damage will only take 1 health and thus 1 magic damage will not damage him! Then Wood nymph will heal him up from damages dealt with melee and magic. So imagine if you can squeeze up Goblin psychic and Unicorn mustang will most likely heal up to max health.

Thats basically it my friends! An earth splinter build that counters both Melee and Magic! Now this strategy wont win you matches 100% of the time but I tried this build on a Novice account and reached Silver 3 in less than a day!


Try it out and let me know how it goes πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ may you all grind it up to your highs!

And maybe next time I can discuss the silver version of this strategy with added monsters and abilities.

Cheers my friends!