Favorite Lineup for Silver League - Modern (Earth Element)


Hello Splinterlands Community!

This is a followup post to my favorite line-up. This time it will be the earth element which is very good especially doing some magic damage. Please do note that the lineup is based on my owned cards. There might be other cards from the untamed that are great in my lineup however I do not own them nor I use to rent them a lot. The lineup may not be applicable on different ruleset.


🍃 Deck

In this line-up, I usually use Obsidian and this line-up focus on the magic damage.

☘️ 20 Mana Line-up

This is my usual line-up for a magic damage in a low mana match. The good thing with this line-up is that the magic damage is pretty nice together with a good defense.

  • Hill Giant is a pretty nice tank that only cost 3 mana. The 8 health is pretty awesome which can take some incoming attacks protecting the magic units.
  • Fungus Fiend can act as a buffer in this set-up. Given that it cost 0 mana.
  • Regal Peryton on the other hand could take the frontline if Hill Giant and Fungus is defeated. It can also absorb some snipe range attack which have a high chance of avoiding the attack because of the flying in combination with the high speed.
  • Queen Mycelia offers additional damage but the main usage is the armor bonus protection that grants all allied. The amplify ability which can boost Mycelic Morphoid thorn against sneak attack.
  • Mycelic Morphoid as a temporary protection against sneak attack.
  • Djinn Biljka focus on dealing magic damage without worrying on getting attacked by a sneak monsters due to the camouflage ability.

Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 12.36.06 AM.png

Battle Link Here

This battle is a 19 mana battle but from my original line-up only Mycelic Morphoid has been removed.

This line-up may further change depending on the rules and mana capacity. Goblin Psychic, Mycelic Slipspawn are also included in the consideration in building a line-up.

Hill Giant can be replace by another monster that can tank the frontline such as Legionnaire Alvar and Unicorn Mustang which is against magic. There are quite few that tank the frontline and giving additional damage such as Grund, Nectar Queen and Pelacor Mercenary.

☘️ Reverse Speed

With the reverse speed ruleset, Earth is the splinter that I consider as well deploying this because there are magic units that have a 1 speed.

I usually use Legionnaire Alvar as the frontline in reverse speed simply because of two things. The Void Armor ability saves you from big magic attack especially coming from earth monsters at the same time if facing Grum, it can land a double damage because of the Giant Killer.While the other line-up are simply because they have a low speed which can really defeat the frontline easily.

Mycelic is a good one as well but I will use it only for lost magic ruleset, else it will just be defeated easily with the magic unit.
Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 12.49.38 AM.png

Battle Link Here

☘️ Holy Protection

When it comes to holy protection, the best set-up that I am thinking is that all of my units should focus on one target together. The Earth Splinter because of heavy magic could be a good choice.

Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 1.22.33 AM.png

I personally use Grum in the front position to deal with the frontline because of its double attack while Mycelic Slipspawn absorbs the range and magic damage. In this line-up, the attack is focus on the frontline.

Battle Link Here

☘️ Earthquake

Without Brighter Bloom, there are a lot of flying monsters in the earth splinter which makes it a good choice for this ruleset. There are quite a few variation but the Pelacor Mercenary and Regal Peryton is one of my favorite.

Mycelic Morphoid can do some thorn damage before getting defeated while Pelacor Mercenary will be the one doing the tanking and Regal Peryton will do the damage. Fungus Fiend on the other hand is sneak attack shield in the first round.

In some cases I am adding Queen Mycelia on the list to provide armor protection which can be use temporarily against earthquake.

Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 1.45.47 AM.png

Battle Link Here

☘️ 12 Mana Lineup

For a 12 mana line-up, I usually use Regal Peryton and Hill Giant.

Hill Giant offers a really good tank while Regal Peryton can provide a nice damage and can avoid sneak attack.


🍃 Summary

Earth splinter is great especially in dealing with magic damage. The most common and useful cards are Regal Peryton because of its high speed and flying, Queen Mycelia because of its armor protection and amplify ability, Goblin Psychic because of its healing, Djinn Biljka because of its camouflage and Mycelic Slipspawn because of its taunt ability. All of these magic units have their own specialty.

In terms of protecting the frontline, Hill Giant is my favorite because of its low mana cost but with a high health. Mycelic Infantry and Grund is also a great option for a high mana match up. For rewards and untamed, most notably for me are Nectar Queen, Pelacor Mercenary, Unicorn Mustang, Venari Seedsmith and Mitica Headhunter.

Venari Knifer and Venari Scout are also a great monsters but I do not frequently use them. For the spreading fury and Up close & personal ruleset, I consider these two cards together with Regal Peryton.

Earth Splinter is truly powerful even without Llama, Oaken Behemoth and Kron.

Thank you for reading and see you next week for the Life Splinter.


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I never played Modern mode. May be I should give it a try.