Favorite Lineup for Silver League - Modern (Water Element)



Hello Splinterlands Community!

This is a followup post to my favorite line-up. This time it will be the water element which is my favorite element in the game especially. Please do note that the lineup is based on my owned cards. There might be other cards from the untamed that are great in my lineup however I do not own them nor I use to rent them a lot. The lineup may not be applicable on different ruleset.


💧 Deck

More than 50 Mana

This is my baseline line-up in water for a high mana simply because I think it is pretty well balance in terms of attack and defense. This lineup could cause a high damage as well as high speed with can be considered as well for explosive weaponry. In some cases I am using this as well even there is an earthquake ruleset. This lineup mainly focus on the frontal attack. Let me explain why I love this line-up for each monsters:

  • Kelya Frendul is pretty amazing summoner which provides speed and armor. It is pretty compatible with the set of monsters in the water deck.
  • Diemonshark as the tank due to its thick armor, a high health and a high speed. I might say that this is the Modern version of Sea Monster. The enrage ability is very useful given that it will boost the attack and speed further which can result to another attack because of trample. Though a pure magic attack will easily defeat Diemonshark.
  • Flying Squid because of the reach ability and its high health and speed acting as the secondary tank of the group.
  • Djinn Oshannus is on the third position which is for the snipe attack. It can dodge both range and magic attack due to its high speed and phase ability.
  • Deeplurker is the one responsible in doing opportunity attack to the low health support which can strengthen the frontal lineup.
  • River Hellondale is the only support in this lineup which can provide an attack boost to Diemonshark, Flying Squid and Deeplurker. The resurrect ability is also very useful especially if there is a weak magic ruleset that could resurrect the enrage Diemonshark. (I am still leveling up mine to level 2)
  • Nerissa Tridawn is the one protecting the rear for incoming sneak attack. It has a high health even at level 1. It could offer a high magic attack as well.

Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 11.19.31 PM.png

Battle Link Here

This is a recent battle in the tournament which is pretty amazing that the lineup have a high chance in winning. However as mentioned, against a magic attack, it may not stand a great chance by using the same ruleset against magic:

Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 11.26.32 PM.png

This is why I said that this is my baseline and can be modify depending on the opponent, mana capacity and ruleset.

For Diemonshark, I usually replace this with Legionnaire Alvar if I am against magic opponent. This greatly change the outcome.

Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 11.30.18 PM.png

Some cards that I usually use to substitute something in this line up are ★3 Tide Biter, ★2 Wave Brood, ★4 Gargoya Devil, ★5 Supply Runner, ★3 Sandworm and ★1 Axemaster which I all have in my deck.

Explosive Weaponry Ruleset

25 Mana

When a explosive weaponry ruleset appears without reverse speed, I usually check first the water element as this offer a great speed and armor protection plus it have Tide Biter and some fast monsters such as Pelacor Bandit, Deeplurker and Axemaster. It also have Venari Wavesmith that provides additional armor.

Little League

For little league, I usually select Cruel Sethropod due to its good health and armor. Uraeus and Pelacor Bandit are the sneakers while Merdhampir and Kuluswimhunter are the range unit. However this won't win against magic.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.21.17 AM.png


💧 Summary

Water element is really powerful. My favorite monsters are the trio Diemonshark, Deeplurker and Flying Squid which have an above average in terms of attack speed and health. When I recently obtain a ★3 Tide Biter, it became a substitute to Flying Squid to lower the total mana.

The speed defines the water element which is very good in explosive ruleset.

The great part is that there are variety of monster that can be use in Water cards even Kulu Swimhunter, Cruel Sethropod which does not have any ability. Water is truly amazing and powerful.

If I only have those deck from untamed, my lineup would be then have a lot of variation.

What could be the new legendary summoner that looks like a dragon to offer more in the water element after we unlocked it next to Conqueror Jacek.


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